Custom built run for Omlet Cube

A modified 3 sided run for use with an omlet cube.


customised walk in run for use with an omlet cube chicken

This run was based on our 3-sided chicken run that is designed to attach to an existing wall or fence.

The customer required the height to be reduced to fit within the limits of the existing wall so the panels were all made shorter.  It means you can’t stand up as you can in the full size version but still perfectly usable as the basic size.

The panels all feature the 6″ base plinth to allow a good layer of litter to be used in the bottom of the run.  There is a pophole to allow the hens out, into the garden and a separate port to attach the omlet cube to.  The roof is our normal, green coroline bitumen sheeting  which offers a long life and no where for red mites to hide.

The full height version would like like the one shown below.

Full height, 6×12′, 3 sided chicken run with 6″ base plinth





Two chicken Runs

 2 chicken runs installed onsite

When you order a run from us you can either assembly it yourself or we offer an onsite assembly service. We finished February with 2 onsite installations of chicken runs. The first was this 6×15′ standard height run with anti dig mesh around the perimeter.  This one has 4 solid panels on one end to provide shelter. As each of our chicken runs is built to order we can normally accommodate minor variations to the basic design of the chicken run for minimal ever cost.  The Anti dig mesh protects the area immediately adjacent to the run which is normally enough to deter foxes from digging.  Over time it becomes absorbed into the grass, locking it in place.

This customer already has a similar run that we built back in 2010 although that has a slightly bigger sheltered area.  Structurally, it all looks as good as when we built it and the timber has now faded to a light brown colour.

Next was a 9×15′ run with 12″ base plinth.  There was no need for anti dig mesh as this was being installed onto an old concrete shed base.  The extra 12″ base plinth means the base can be filled with litter without it spilling out through the mesh.  It also give some wind protection which the hens will find nice is this very exposed spot in Norfolk.

And here is a stop motion video of the chicken run being assembled.  As you’ll see, the roof is strong enough to support a fairly substantial weight.  This assembly took approx 4 hours but if you are going to assemble it yourself we’d suggest you allow a weekend for a run this size.

October Chicken Houses and runs

Recent chicken house installations

First we have a 9×15′ chicken run built around an omlet cube.  This one has the 12″ base plinth and an anti-dig mesh skirt to keep the foxes out.

9×15′ walk in chicken run around an omlet cube

Our next job was 2 houses.  The 9×21′ house is for chickens.  The smaller 6×9′ house is for rabbits.  Both houses have a 6″ base plinth and anti dig mesh.

9×21′ chicken house and 6×9 rabbit house

This is another 9×15′ run for use with an Omlet Cube although this time the Cube is being placed on the outside and connected via a high level pophole in the run.

Walk in run for use with an omlet cube

This is the pophole that allows the Omlet cube to join to our run.  The omlet cube is normally heavy enough not to move around but to be sure you can always use a bungee strap to attach it to the run.

High level pophole matches with the door on an Omlet Cube Chicken house

Omlet Cube Walk In Run

Walk in run used with an Omlet Cube

9×15′ walk in chicken run around an Omlet Cube

This is a recent chicken run we built for a customer for use with their Omlet Cube chicken coop.

The overall size of this is 9′ wide (2.75m) x 15’6″ (4.72m) and includes a 12″ solid base plinth that will contain any litter used in the base and stop it blowing around your garden.

The run is fitted with an anti dig skirt to protect the edge of the run from predators.  We’ve found that protecting the area immediately adjacent to the run is sufficient to stop most predators digging into the run.

The main run is constructed from smooth, 63x38mm, construction graded, pressure treated timber.  This is covered with 19g high tensile european weldmesh.  This run also features a pophole to allow the hens out of the run and into the garden.

The roof is corrugated bitumen sheeting.  Not only does this stop the run becoming a smelly, muddy mess it doesn’t give many places for red mite to hide and any that do find their way in there can be easily accessed.

We have also built similar runs where the Omlet Cube is on the outside of the run.

Compared to the runs supplied by Omlet:

We use 1×1/2″ mesh compare to the much larger holes of the Omlet product that will readily allow vermin access to the chicken run.

Our run comes with a roof as standard so the run will stay dry (we can supply a mesh roof run if you want for well under £1000 for the same size)

We offer our run with a solid base plinth to contain any litter and keep the garden tidy. (We can also supply the run without the base plinth)

Our construction grade timber will probably outlast plastic coated steel tubing and mesh as once the outside coating is damaged and exposes the bare steel it will begin to corrode. Our run panels all sit on a sacrificial timber – should this start to deteriorate it can easily be replaced with timber that is readily available from most DIY stores before any ill effect on the actual run panels. With most other runs once the bottom edge deteriorates the whole run needs to be replaced.  In fact, all of our runs can be repaired with fairly basic hand tools and supplies from the local DIY store


Our run does require more time to assemble as the one in the photo took approximately 4 hours for us to assemble.

The cost of this walk in run is only £1204 + delivery compared to the £1215 + delivery for the nearest size run from Omlet.

Should you want us to put this up for you we can travel to most of the UK and charge according to the distance travelled and the time taken