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Your Chicks Can be Free as a Bird with our Mesh Roof Poultry Run

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The fact that you are looking at our mesh roof walk in poultry run probably means:

  • You want your birds to be able to exercise without being attacked by foxes, dogs and other predators
  • You want to stop your birds digging up your garden and pecking your favourite plants and flowers to pieces
  • You are fed up with the amount of chicken pooh on your garden or land
  • All of the above!

  • Well, we have good news for you - our mesh roof poultry run is just what you need to keep your chicks safe, protect your garden,<</strong>>!! and contain the mess that your birds make.

    (If you are looking for a walk in poultry run that keeps your birds dry, our corrugated roof poultry run is a better option, as it has a solid, corrugated roof).

    Spacious Poultry Run Keeps your Birds Happy and Safe

    Our mesh roof walk in poultry run is designed to give your birds all of the space they need to exercise and keep boredom at bay. But as the run is contained, it means they won't be able to destroy (or mess all over) your lovely garden. Importantly, the run is also made from high quality materials that keep your birds safe from their most common predators - foxes and dogs.

    The safety of your birds is our top priority, so we insist on using European 19g weld mesh on our runs. This mesh is much more durable than inferior imported mesh and will withstand attacks from fox and dog claws. The mesh roof poultry run has this exceptional mesh on all sides as well as the roof, so your birds are safe from attacks. We also use extra thick wire for our optional anti-dig mesh skirt - this stops foxes, dogs and badgers from digging you're your run from underneath, and is strongly recommended if you are using a soil base.

    The frame of the run is made from redwood timber, which is a very strong, solid wood. Any fox or dog that tries to scratch their way through the timber is going to leave disappointed (with sore paws!).

    Order your Mesh Roof Walk in Poultry Run Today

    We make all of our runs to order, so you can choose the size and features that suit your needs. Just follow the steps below to make your choices and place your order.

    1. Think about the quality of your existing poultry house. If the wood is slightly flimsy or has proven to be ineffective against foxes in the past, you should plan to put the house inside the run. If your chicken house is a high quality coop that is strong enough to keep foxes and dogs at bay, you can connect the run to it or place the house inside the run.

    If you are buying the mesh roof poultry run because you have moved from a rural area into a town or city, we recommend that you place the house in the run. Urban foxes are a bigger threat than foxes in the countryside, so it is better to err on the side of caution.

    2. Measure the space you have available and think about how many birds you want to keep. (Obviously, you will also need a coop big enough to house all of the birds at night).

    Your birds need to have sufficient space, so please choose the appropriate size - overcrowded birds can become distressed and start to fight.

    3. Use the buttons labelled Width and Run Length to set the size of the run you want to order.

    4. Use the button labelled Height to choose whether you want to add a plinth. Plinths are boards that are attached to the bottom of the run and they stop litter from spilling out through the mesh onto you garden.

  • Standard Height for no plinth. Your run will be the standard 5ft high with just the timber frame and mesh.
  • + 6" Base Plinth for a 6" plinth around the bottom of your run (so the total height will be 5ft 6 inches). The plinth panels are 6"x3ft and cost only £8.20 each.
  • +12" Base Plinth for an XL 12" plinth (so total height will be 6ft). These large plinths are £10 each and measure 12"x3ft.

  • 5. Stop foxes, dogs and badgers from digging into your run from underneath by adding our Anti-Dig Mesh Skirt to your order. This strong wire mesh sits around the perimeter of the run is dig-proof. The Anti-Dig Mesh skirt is only £6 per 3ft.

    You don't need our anti-dig mesh if your run is going onto a concrete base or if you are putting paving around the perimeter.

    6. If you want your chickens to be able to enter and exit the run by themselves, add a Pop Hole for just £20. The birds will be able to enter an exit whenever you have the pop hole open.

    7. You are now ready to buy our high quality mesh roof poultry run. Select the Add to Cart button to add it to your order. If you'd like us to assemble the house for you please visit our Onsite Assembly Page and this can be added to your order. When you are finished shopping at Wells Poultry, go to the checkout and select Checkout Now. You will then be guided through the payment process.

    You can either pay in full today , or if you'd prefer to pay a 1/3 deposit and the balance prior to dispatch simply use the "Invoice With Order" option and we'll contact you to collect your deposit.

    Remember, if there are any slight alterations you'd like to make, get in touch and we will try to our best to meet your requirements.

    When we receive your order, we will get to work on creating your run. It usually takes around 3-5 weeks for us to build the run and get it delivered to you. If you need your house urgently please call us as for a small premium and subject to staff availablity we can offer an express service. (England, Wales and Lowland Scotland). If you live in another area, please get in touch and we will arrange delivery.

    Here's a quick look at one of these going together.

    Large Chicken Run with flat mesh roof 6x9' basic size + options

    Ref: 3027

    Price: From £457.00
    (£548.40 Incl. VAT)


    Large run option

    This items is - Delivery times for made to order chicken coops are normally between 3 and 12 weeks depending on workload

    This item can be shipped to mainland England,Wales & Lowland Scotland. Other areas by arrangement

    Sonning Major Chicken house

    Sonning Major Chicken house



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    Large Chicken Run 6x9' basic size + options

    Large Chicken Run 6x9' basic size + options


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