All the poultry supplies you need for happy and healthy chickens in one place

Whatever poultry supplies you need to keep your chickens happy and healthy, from a single leg ring to a hand built chicken coop and run, we believe you'll find it here, within the UK's widest range of poultry equipment.

Our range of chicken houses are built exclusively for us and includes small chicken coops for just a few birds up to our large, walk-in chicken house and run for 25 plus.

Poultry Feeders
Galvanised and plastic chicken feeders
Poultry Keeping Supplies
Essential products for poultry care
Red Mite Treatments
Treatments to prevent and eradicate Red mite
Poultry Drinkers
Galvanised and plastic chicken drinkers
Automatic Chicken Coop Doors Openers
We stock the full range of automatic coop doors and accessories.
Heat Lamps for Poultry and another animals
Heat lamps, Bulbs, Dull emitters and heat lamp components