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This excludes housing and some low value/bulky items. This will be stated on the relevent page where this is not possible. Otherwise our delivery charges are based on the weight of the order and the delivery location. If you would like to see a total as you add items please complete your address details after adding the first item. There is no obligation to buy until you complete the order. Charges start from only 93p up to £6.73 for a 25 kg parcel delivered to a UK mainland address (excluding Scottish Highlands) via our non urgent service. Some items will require seperate shipping due to their size or weight and will incur their own shipping charge.

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All the poultry supplies you need for happy and healthy chickens in one place

Whatever poultry supplies you need to keep your chickens happy and healthy, from a single leg ring to a hand built chicken coop and run, we believe you'll find it here, within the UK's widest range of poultry equipment.
Since we established Wells Poultry in 2003 and as poultry keepers ourselves we've tested many of the products we sell and we are sure you'll find them ideal, if not we offer a no cost return service.

Our range of chicken houses includes small chicken coops for just a few birds up to our large, walk-in chicken house and run for 25 plus. Our chicken coops and housing is all designed and built in our workshops in Wales.

Poultry Feeders
Galvanised and plastic chicken feeders
Automatic Chicken Coop Doors Openers
We stock the full range of automatic coop doors and accessories.
Red Mite Treatments
Treatments to prevent and eradicate Red mite
Poultry Drinkers
Galvanised and plastic chicken drinkers
Heat Lamps for Poultry and another animals
Heat lamps, Bulbs, Dull emitters and heat lamp components
Poultry Keeping Supplies
Essential products for poultry care

Large, Walk-in Chicken Coops with Run

Large, Walk-in Chicken Coops with Run

Large chicken coop and Run from Wells Poultry

Keep your chicks happy, healthy and safe with our large chicken coops with run, designed specifically for use in towns and cities but equally at home in the country With its sturdy timber frame, European weld mesh and spacious, covered run, this practical chicken coop provides everything your chickens need:

  • Plenty of space. It is very important that your chickens have enough room, as overcrowding can cause distress and lead to fighting.
  • Shelter from rain and shaded areas for hot sunny days.
  • Internal nest boxes (external nest boxes are an optional extra).
  • 2 perches for a great night's sleep.
  • Corroline roof provides overhead ventilation for draught-free airflow
  • Protection against predators, especially urban foxes. We have never had a report of a fox breaking into our coops or runs, as we only use high quality materials - durable redwood timber and superior quality European 19g weld mesh keep your birds safe.

  • Keep your Birds Dry with our Corrugated Roof Poultry Run

    Large chicken Run from Wells Poultry

    If you want your birds to be able to exercise in a safe run without getting soaked, our corrugated roof poultry run is a great option. Available in a range of sizes, it provides plenty of room for exercise and also has a strong, corrugated roof that will keep your birds dry on rainy days. (If you want a run but are not concerned about wet weather, see our mesh roof poultry run).

    Your Chicks Can be Free as a Bird with our Mesh Roof Poultry Run

    The fact that you are looking at our mesh roof poultry run probably means:

  • You want your birds to be able to exercise without being attacked by foxes, dogs and other predators
  • You want to stop your birds digging up your garden and pecking your favourite plants and flowers to pieces

  • Monmouth Minor Chicken Coop - A Fantastic Home for Up to 8 Chickens

    Monmouth Minor Chicken House from Wells Poultry

    After a hard day's clucking and pecking, your chickens will be glad to come home to one of our Monmouth Minor chicken coops. Made from thick, treated timber, the Monmouth Minor chicken coop is a high quality, compact chicken house that comes complete with a communal nest box, lockable pophole, large side access door and 2 removable perches.

    Sonning Minor Chicken Coop - A Beautiful Little Hen House in the Country

    Sonning Minor Chicken Coop from Wells Poultry

    If you want your birds to live in style as well as comfort, the Sonning range of chicken houses will tick all of your boxes. Here, we present the Sonning Minor Chicken Coop, the smallest chicken house in the range, which is suitable for housing 4-6 average size chickens.