Copyright Details for images used on this site

All of the images used on our site are protected by UK copyright law and should not be reproduced, copied or otherwise manipulated without permission.

For most images on the site the copyright belongs to SJWells Photography These images may only be used to promote Green Valley Poultry Supplies by way of but not limited to, editorial content either online or in print, our online affiliates, Green Valley Poultry Supplies on ebay, Green Valley Poultry Supplies on Amazon. Any use to promote sales for any other organisation is expressly forbidden.

Other images may have been supplied by the product manufacturer in which case the copyright belongs to them.

We strongly urge to seek permission before using any image from our site.

What we will do if we find our images being used without permission.

We have in the past politely asked people to remove images but have found that many of the people we ask still feel they have the right to freely use any image they like. We won't in future waste time asking. We keep all original images as shot in our studio so it is simple to prove who took the original.

We may take any or all of the following steps:

File a DMCA notice with Google (and any other similar organisation as we see fit) requesting that they no longer show the page containing the disputed image. After checking that our claim is genuine the offending page will be removed from their index until such time that you can prove to them that the image has been removed. They may or may not then re-index that page.

We may file a DMCA notice with your internet hosts - the people you actually rent the server space from. They are also oblidged to not distrubute any anuthorised copies of images. How they inforce that is down to them. Some will remove the whole site from the internet until the disputed is resolved, some may just delete the reported images.

We can also invoice you for the retrospective use of the image, Our current rate is £2000 / image use - use 1 image on 1 page is £2000. use 1 image on 2 pages £4000 etc. This will not give you permission to use the image in future.

Here is an example of a recent court case concerniing breach of copyright