General Tonics and Vitamins for poultry

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Give Your Birds a Pick-Me-Up with Poultry Vitamins and Supplements

Just like us humans, birds can pick up viruses and have periods where they feel under the weather. For example, it is quite common for chickens to suffer from poor health when they are moulting their feathers. But with the right supplements, you can give your birds' immune systems a timely boost, so that they are healthier and better able to resist viruses.
Here we present our poultry health range, which contains a variety of products designed to help your birds stay in the best of health. As you can see, we stock an assortment of nutritional and health products,
including Respite (for respiratory ailments), apple cider vinegar, herbal treatments, poultry drinks and poultry vitamins and minerals. Just click the appropriate button for more details.

Poultry Spice 450 g
Price: £4.55
Respite 500ml
Price: £13.20
Shell Aid 100ml
Price: £7.50
Shell Aid 1 Litre
Price: £15.00
Poultry Spice 1.5kg
Price: £11.50
Shell Aid 500ml
Price: £10.00
Herb 'n' Thrive 250ml
Price: £14.49
Calm 'n' Thrive 250ml
Price: £9.99
Vermx Keep Well 250g
Price: £13.00
Vermx Keep Well 750g
Price: £27.50