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Electric Fencing - A Safe Way to Keep Predators Away

Electric fencing is a great way to protect your poultry enclosure from predators such as foxes and badgers. Safe and highly effective, it works by giving animals an uncomfortable shock when they make contact with the electric fencing. The shock does not harm the animals, but is strong enough to deter them from the fence. So you can leave your birds in their enclosure knowing that they are safe from harm.
At Wells Poultry, we have a wide range of electric fencing products, including energisers, electric fence rope, chicken nets, electric poultry netting, plastic posts and polytape. We also have complete electric fence kits, which contain everything you need to get started. Just click the links below for more details.
And remember, if you are interested in setting up electric fencing, we are happy to offer advice - please get in touch.
Electric Fencing kits for Chickens
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Electric Fence Energisers
Electric Fence Energisers
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electric chicken netting
Anti Fox Fencing for poultry
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