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What do you need to consider when choosing an electric chicken fence kit?

We offer 2 basic options - just straight forward electic chicken netting or netting with a hot gate. With the basic electric netting you need to disconnect the power from the electric fence before you enter the chicken pen. With the hot gate you can safely open the enclosed area using the insultated handle saving you disconnecting the fencing energiser.

All our kits are supplied witha suitable electric fence energiser, in fact the energisers selected so they are powerful enough to power several more identical fences. (with the excepting of the 100m and 150m kits which are made up fro the 50m kit with extra nets)

The fencing energisers used in the electric fencing kits can be powered by either a 12v battery or connected to 240v mains. If you use the mains option the energiser needs to kept dry so use some lead out cable to go from the energiser to the fence. If you want to use it on battery you'll need a 12 v battery. Leisure batteries are better suited than car batteries as they will recover better from total discharge.

Each kit is supplied with an electric fence tester to ensure your fence is working correctly and all the nessecary guide roped and warning signs.
50m Electric Poultry Fence Complete Kit inc. Energiser
Price: £246.17 Ex. VAT /£295.40 Incl. VAT