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Limited Space is No Longer an Issue thanks to our 3-Sided Poultry Run with Corrugated Roof

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A lot of people find it difficult to clear the amount of space needed for a poultry run, particularly in modern houses where the gardens can be small. So we've come up with a practical and affordable solution - our 3-sided corrugated roof poultry run. Designed to fit against existing structures such as fences, sheds, or walls, this poultry run allows you to make better use of the space available.

Large Chicken Run 3 sided 6x9' basic size

Like our mesh roof poultry run, the 3-sided corrugated roof poultry run is intended for use as an exercise area for your birds and should be used in conjunction with a chicken coop. During the day, you can let your chicks roam free in the run. At night, your birds will sleep in your coop, which can be connected to the run or placed inside the run. (Putting the coop inside the run is a wise move if your chicken coop isn't of particularly high quality, as the run will keep the coop safe too).

The 3-sided corrugated roof poultry run has everything you need to keep your chickens safe and healthy while they exercise:

  • Solid redwood timber and European 19g weld mesh are too tough and sturdy for foxes and dogs to get into. Their claws are no match for our runs.
  • Plenty of space for your birds to roam, so they will be more content and less likely to get bored or start fighting.
  • Forms a reliable, enclosed structure that keeps your birds in one space. So you can contain the mess they make and prevent them from damaging your garden.
  • Can be fitted with optional extras, including a pop hole to allow your birds to enter/exit on their own, and an anti-dig mesh skirt to stop foxes, dogs and badgers from digging into the run from underneath.
  • Easy to assemble. Our runs arrive flat-packed so can be carried through your home into the back garden if needed, and are very easy to set up.

  • How to Plan and Buy a 3-Sided Poultry Run

    To order your 3-sided poultry run, you will need to choose a size and then let us know what features you would like to be included. To help you make the right choices, we've put together this simple step-by-step procedure that will help you make your decisions:

    1. Think about the safety of your birds. The run will keep them safe from predators, but only if it is attached to a fixture that is also secure. So if you are going to fix the run to a wall or fence, make sure that it is solid and doesn't have any gaps that can be exploited by foxes. If the fence is wooden, it will need to be a strong wood, otherwise foxes may be able to claw the panelling away.

    2. Measure the space you have available and think about how many birds you want to keep.

    The following table below shows the different sizes of runs and the number of birds they can contain. Your birds need to have plenty of room, so please choose the correct size - overcrowded birds can become distressed and start to fight.

    What size chicken run do I need?
    Run SizeSuitable for this amount of birdsCost (including VAT)
    6ft x 9ft 5 £
    6ft x 12ft 7 £
    6ft x 15ft 9 £
    6ft x 18ft 10 £
    6ft x 21ft 12 £
    6ft x 24ft 14 £
    6ft x 27ft 16 £

    3. Use the Width and Run Length buttons to choose the size of your run.

    4. Use the Height button to let us know if you want to add a plinth to the bottom of the run. Plinths are boards that are attached to the bottom of the run and they stop litter from spilling out through the mesh onto you garden.
  • standard Height means your run will not have a plinth and will be the standard height of 5ft.
  • + 6" Base Plinth will add a 6" plinth to the bottom of your run (so the total height will be 5ft 6 inches). The plinth panels are 6"x3ft and cost only £8.20 each.
  • +12" Base Plinth will add a larger plinth measuring 12" x 3ft (so total height will be 6ft). These extra large plinths are £10 each.

  • 5. We recommend that you add our Anti-Dig Mesh Skirt to your order if you are putting your run on a soft surface such as soil or sand. This very strong mesh is laid around the 3 sides of your run and stops foxes, dogs and badgers from digging into the run. Obviously, this is not an issue if you are putting the run on a concrete base.
    Our Anti-Dig Mesh skirt is just £6 per 3ft.

    6. If you want your chickens to be able to enter and exit the run by themselves, add a Pop Hole for just £20. The birds will be able to enter and exit whenever you have the pop hole open.

    7. Select the Add to Cart button to add the 3-sided run to your order. When you are finished shopping at Wells Poultry, go to the checkout and select Checkout Now. You will then be guided through the payment process.

    You can either pay in full today , or if you'd prefer to pay a 1/3 deposit and the balance prior to dispatch simply use the "Invoice With Order" option and we'll contact you to collect your deposit.

    Remember, if there are any slight alterations you'd like to make, get in touch and we will try to our best to meet your requirements.

    Your order should be with you in 3-5 weeks. If you need your house urgently please call us as for a small premium and subject to staff availablity we can offer an express service. We deliver to all areas of England, Wales and Lowland Scotland. Please contact us if you live outside these areas as we can arrange to deliver to other regions if required.

    Large Chicken Run 3 sided 6x9' basic size

    Ref: 1221

    Price: £298.00 Ex. VAT /£357.60 Incl. VAT


    Design your run:

    Run Length
    Anti Dig Mesh
    Pop Hole

    This items is made to order, normally despatched within 4-8 weeks

    This item can be shipped to mainland England,Wales & Lowland Scotland. Other areas by arrangement

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    Large Chicken Run 3 sided 6x9' basic size
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      bought for 2 rabbits  Very well made item, well packed and arrived on time. Once built it sits very solidly. Instructions could be better, Suffolk lock flimsy. Rabbits are happy in their run and well protected from predators and I am very pleased with it.    -

    Sonning Major Chicken house

    Sonning Major Chicken house



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