DIY chicken houses and runs

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If you're building your own chicken housing you'll find we have many useful parts.

We can offer you all the basic hardware we use in our own coops - hinges, suffolk latches, quallity european weldmesh, etc.

We can build your run panels to the same , high spec we use for our own runs. We can even build you custom size run panels.

We also have nestboxes, perches and popholes.

Solar powered LED shed Light
Price: £7.50 Ex. VAT /£9.00 Incl. VAT
Convert your garden shed to a chicken coop
3 basic parts you need to convert a shed to a chicken coop
Nest Boxes
Nest boxes for chickens.

Rollaway nest boxes and accessories prevent chickens eating their own eggs
Chicken Run panels
The run panels we use to build our chicken runs.
Parts we use to build our own chicken houses