Custom built and wheel chair accessible chicken coops and runs

Our chicken coops and runs can be modified to your own spec.

Although our range of chicken coops and runs are offered in standard sizes based on a 3′ wide panel we can often build your run to your specific size at no extra cost.

If you need your house or run to be a specific length we can do this at no extra cost by making one panel smaller.  ie if you want an 11′ long run we charge you for a 12′ run.

If you need a specific width we can also cater for that although there would be a small extra charge as some parts require slightly more work.

We can also build your coop or run with a wheelchair accessible door, and if you like we can include a ramp to cover the small step that is unavoidable.  As these take up 2 of our standard panels they work best along the long side of the run.

Other popular modification are replacing mesh panel with solid timber panels to provide more shelter in the run and adaptations to mount existing housing on the outside via a custom position pophole.

Our current custom build project is a 6×8′ 3 sided chicken run to fit within a 5’3″ height limit.

This is a custom run based on our standard 3 sided chicken run. The length has been reduced to 8′ and the height reduced to fit under a 5’3″ height limit.






Chicken Coop and run for Community Garden

6×12′ chicken coop and run supplied to Groundwork for use in a community garden in North London.

Our most recent installation was a 6×12′ chicken house and run as part of a community garden project being run in the grounds of a North London school.  This chicken coop features a 6″ base plinth to contain the wood chip litter that will be used in the base, an anti dig mesh skirt to deter foxes from digging into the run and a ChickenGuard door opener


 This project was coordinated by Groundwork, a UK charity promoting greener living in community and educational settings.

Keeping chickens in schools in a Green Valley Poultry Supplies Coop

Keeping Chickens in schools in our Large Coop and Run

Most schools we visit have already kept chickens but found some of the smaller houses available on the market to not be the best in a school environment.  Whilst the chickens may be happy in a muddy corner of the school grounds but that isn’t the best conditions to ensure the pupils are fully engaged.

Our chicken coops have a number of features that make them suitable for use in schools:

6×15′ chicken coop and run with 12″ base plinth and a pophole in the run to allow supervised access to the main garden.

Our chicken coops all have covered runs to keep the inside of the coop as dry as practical. This may not be an issue for the chickens but it means children can be with the chickens whatever the weather.  With a suitable litter in the base this makes your chicken project a whole lot nicer to staff, pupil and outside visitors.  You’ll find that a litter based on wood waste or chopped straw will keep the run smelling so much fresher than an open topped run.  We recommend using a run with a base plinth so any litter is contained within the run and doesn’t blow around the grounds.

9×18′ chicken coop and run, 12″ base plinth. This size house would be suitable for up to 15 hens without access to the outside.

Our runs are all tall enough to stand up in.  Even our standard height runs are 5’3″ at the eaves but with the optional base plinth you can add 6″ or 12″ to this.  Most schools go for the maximum 12″ plinth to the ground or a concrete hard standing.  If you have the chicken coop on the ground we can supply an anti dig mesh to deter predators from digging.

This run would be suitable for 8 hens on a permanent basis without access to the outside.

Our coops are all made from construction strength timber with a generous 63x38mm frame, 3/4″ shiplap boarding and quality European weldmesh.

We can also include wider doors and entrance ramps should your pupils need easier access.



Large Chicken Coop and Run for Sacred Heart Primary School, Westhoughton

Large Chicken Coop and Run

Another early start today for the drive from South Wales up to Bolton to put up this chicken coop for The Sacred Heart Primary School in Westhoughton as part of their building works being carried out by HH Smith Builder.  This house is to replace their previous house that was remove due to the building work.  Lots of snow on the way up there but nothing too much on the road.  But it’s so cold!  When will spring arrive?

We had a bit of snow to clear before we could see the ground and thee was lots of mud due to all the building work.

9x21' large walk in chicken coop and run. External nest boxes, pop hole and 12" base plinth
9×21′ large walk in chicken house and run. External nest boxes, pop hole and 12″ base plinth

The chicken coop is our 9×21′ large coop and run.  It’s fitted with an anti dig mesh to stop anything digging next to the run.  It’s got a 12″ base plinth so the base can be loaded up with litter without it falling out through the mesh.  It also gives the chickens some extra shelter from the wind.  There is a pop hole  in the run so the hens can get out and explore.  There is a nest box either side of the house.  We suggest a house this size would be suitable for up to 20 hens on a permanent basis, with extra run space the house will accommodate up to 27 birds.