Cord Problems with the ChickenGuard Door Opener

If you’ve had a tangle with your Chicken Guard door opener’s string this is how it should look

How should the cord on a Chicken Guard door opener be set up.  Step 1: Confirm that the lead is connected as per the photo. The RED lead should be oriented FURTHEST away from the battery power connector. Step 2 Make sure that the cord is entering the hole in the box and looping UNDERNEATH the spindle around the back as seen on the left. Step 3 If the cord is wound incorrectly, simply navigate to Calibrate Door. When asked, press and hold down the Open button whilst maintaining tension on the cord to prevent it from unravelling. The cord will now start coming off the spool. At some point whilst the motor is turning, it will reach the point at which the cord has doubled up on itself. At this point, the cord will start winding back onto the spool. Keep pressing the Open button until it has rewound a sufficient amount of cord.
Click on the above Image to download the fully size pdf image of the chickenguard door opener cord arrangement.