Fitting an automatic door opener to an Omlet Cube

Automatic door opener for Omlet Cube

Horizontal sliding doors have always been a problem when trying to fit an automatic door opener.  There once was a door opener called “the Pullit automatic door opener” specifically designed for these door but, unfortunately, it’s no longer in production.

The solution is to fit a vertical sliding door that replaces or covers the existing door.  If you have a wooden coop the modification are fairly easy but the omlet cube coops are a particular problem – although very popular they all have horizontal doors.

To mount one on an Omlet cube you need to mount a door and an automatic door opener on a wooden frame that can be attached over the existing door.

Here is a video of how someone has modified their cube:

The only thing we’d really do differently would be to mount the actual automatic door lower down to make the installation a bit more compact.  There are a couple of ways to do this which we have detailed in a previous blog on fitting an automatic door opener where height is limited.  This would be our preferred method as it keeps the motor within the height of the door so there isn’t bits sticking out the top. as long as the door slides easily, which it should do with a metal sliding door, the door will lift from the bottom without any problem.

Fitting an automatic door opener to a chicken coop where height is limited.

This installation uses a Chicken Guard Automatic Door Opener

The ChickenGuard automatic door opener

Green Valley Poultry Supplies Large walk in chicken coop and run

Large walk in chicken coop and run.

Our latest chicken coop was this 9×18′ version.

Walk in chicken coop and run. 9x18'. 6' of mesh roof with 12' of apex roof.

It replaces the customers previous chicken coop that was destroyed by a falling tree during the recent winter storms.  The first 6′ has a mesh roof to allow extra light into the run and the rest has the normal corrugated apex roof.

There is a 12″ solid base plinth that will allow the base to be filled with litter without it falling through the mesh and blowing around the garden.

The perimeter is treated to a run of anti dig mesh to deter predators digging adjacent to the fence.  This mesh will lays on the surface and will vanish into the grass once it is replanted.  Inside the house there is an automatic door fitted.  On the rear of the house are 2 external nest boxes. 6′ wide houses have 1 nest box, the 9′ version has 2 nest boxes.

Fitting Suggestions for Automatic Chicken Doors

Mounting Examples for the VSB automatic chicken door opener from AXT

These installation diagrams would also be applicable to other door opener systems such as the ChickenGuard Door opener that we also supply.

They will also probably work with other system such as Hensafe, Titan door opener or Chuxaway chicken door opener although we haven’t tested all systems.

When fitting the VSB door openers, the cord must be connected to the door in the open position.  When it isn’t possible to connect directly to the door the simplest way is to add extra cord between the cord loop and the door.  When fitting the chicken guard there may be enough cord to not need to do this.

Automatic chicken door fitting

Chicken Guard Automatic Door openers now in stock

ChickenGuard Automatic Door Openers are now in stock.


The Standard ASTi Chicken Guard Door Opener will Lift 1 KG, The Heavy Duty version will lift up to 2 kg

We’ve just had our first delivery of the ChickenGuard Automatic door opener.

The standard door opener (ASTi)  which will lift a 1 KG door and the upgraded version that will lift 2 KG are available.

Both versions have both light and time control and can be easily configured to suit you and your hens.  They are available at the bargain price of £99.95 for the standard version or £109.98 for the heavy duty version.  (Shhhhh.  A little birdy tells me these prices will be increasing a little in the new year so ordering soon could save you money)

They are both supplied with comprehensive instructions but failing that we are always willing to advise on fitting door openers and with 10 years experience of automated door openers we know how to fit them to most chicken coops.