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Small chicken coop and run

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There's a Reason Why We Don't Make Small Chicken Houses

At Wells Poultry, we always put the welfare of your birds first, which is why we don't make a small chicken house and run. You see, chickens and other poultry birds are social animals and are happiest when kept in groups, ideally of at least 4 birds. But like us humans, they also become agitated if they don't have enough space, so overcrowding your birds can cause significant problems - if your birds feel crammed in, their mental and physical health could suffer and they may start to fight each other.

The only time we would recommend using a very small coop is if you have a sick bird that needs to be isolated or a bird that needs to be alone to raise chicks. If you are in that situation, please contact us and we will create a suitable coop for you.

If you need a small chicken house because you have limited space available, please take a look at our Monmouth Minor and Sonning Minor
These houses are 1m by 1m or less (excluding nest boxes) and are ideal for a small amount of birds (Monmouth Minor - 8 birds, Sonning Minor - 6 birds). We would not recommend keeping poultry in houses any smaller than these models.

If you have more space available, our Monmouth Midi and Sonning Major
chicken houses are suitable for a larger number of birds. You may even be able to make better use of your space by buying our 3-sided chicken run, which can fit against a wall or fence, and then placing a chicken house inside it.

Of course, if space is not an issue, our large poultry run and house is an excellent home for larger numbers of birds.

Please Take Care of Your Animals
Good Living Conditions = Happier and Healthier Birds.