Sonning Minor Chicken Coop for 4-6 Chickens

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Sonning Minor - A Beautiful Little Hen House in the Country

If you want your birds to live in style as well as comfort, the Sonning range of chicken houses will tick all of your boxes. Here, we present the Sonning Minor, the smallest chicken house in the range, which is suitable for housing 4-6 average size chickens.

Sonning Minor Chicken Coop

With its pitched timber roof and thick panelling, the Sonning Minor has the appealing looks of a traditional hen house. In fact, at first glance, you could easily imagine it being used on a farm a hundred years ago. But take a closer look and you will see that the Sonning Minor uses modern materials to give your chicks a home that is dry, draught-free, and fox-proof too.
Designed to be used in an enclosed area or with a run, the Sonning Minor:

  • Can house 4-6 average size chickens. Its dimensions are: 100cm (40") x 100cm (excluding nest box). Please allow an extra 61cm (24") for the nest box.

  • Protects your chicks from the weather - the pitched timber roof keeps your birds dry when it is raining and shaded on hot summer days.

  • Has discrete ventilation gaps - ventilation gaps hidden in the roof make sure there is sufficient airflow for your birds. The gaps are carefully positioned so that rain doesn't get in and your birds are not exposed to cold draughts.

  • Keeps your chickens safe - Dogs, foxes and other predators will soon give up trying to break into your Sonning Minor, thanks to its sturdy timber exterior. We only use high quality, thick wood that can resist the claws of even the most determined animals. For extra security, we've also included a lockable pophole.

  • Is resistant to rot and fungus - The Sonning Minor is made from pressure treated wood so rot and fungus are not a problem.

  • Is easy to clean. The large side access door means you can clean out the hen house without crawling in birds' mess. You can also remove the floor and nest box.

  • Is shipped pre-assembled, so no assembly required.

  • Can have a VSBb door opener installed to open the pophole automatically at a set time. The VSBb door opener is an optional extra.

  • The Sonning Minor comes with a nest box, 2 perches, and a lockable pophole, and is available now for just £318 including VAT.

    Sonning Minor or Monmouth Minor?

    We provide two smaller sized chicken houses - the Sonning Minor and the Monmouth Minor. Both coops have similar dimensions, but you'll notice that they have very different roofs. The Monmouth Minor's corrugated roof is a solid corrugated bitumen sheet whereas the Sonning Minor chicken house has a traditional, pitched roof made from treated timber.

    Both houses will keep your birds well ventilated and dry, so which should you choose? Unless you need the extra housing space provided by the Monmouth Minor, your decision is just down to your personal preference and budget.

    Buy the Beautiful Sonning Minor Now for Fast Delivery

    We build all of our chicken houses to order, so if you need your Sonning Minor coop quickly, you should place your order now. It is one of our most popular hen houses, so delivery time is usually around 8 weeks (England, Wales, and Lowland Scotland - please call if you need us to deliver to another area).

    To place your order, enter the Quantity and choose whether you want to include a VSBb door opener or our starter packs. When you've made your choice, select Add to Cart.

    Sonning Minor Chicken Coop

    Ref: 1105

    Price: £305.00 Ex. VAT /£366.00 Incl. VAT


    Add a Chicken Guard Door opener

    This items is - Delivery times for made to order chicken coops are normally between 3 and 12 weeks depending on workload

    This item can be shipped to mainland England,Wales & Lowland Scotland. Other areas by arrangement

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    Sonning Minor Chicken Coop
    10 out of 10
    based on2 ratings. 2 user reviews.

      Perfect Home  Our Chickens love their new house and especially the nesting box. The design is brilliant for easy stress-free cleaning. Looks great and adds a feature to our cottage garden. Excellent quality.  (21/09/2010) Val Humphreys - Penhow

      Nice little chicken coop  This is an ideal house for a few hens in a back garden. It's really useful that the nest box can be fitted either side.   (12/01/2010) Dave - Shropshire

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