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After a hard day's clucking and pecking, your chickens will be glad to come home to one of our Monmouth Minor chicken coops. Made from thick, treated timber, the Monmouth Minor chicken coop is a high quality, compact chicken coop that comes complete with a communal nest box, lockable pophole, large side access door and 2 removable perches.

Monmouth Minor Chicken Coop

NOTE: Our chicken coops are intended for use on land that is secure from predators such as foxes. If your land is not secure, we can provide anti-fox fences. Alternatively, you may prefer to put your chicken house inside one of our large chicken runs.

The Monmouth Minor chicken coops are a great choice if you have a small number of birds or limited space as it:

  • Has enough space for up to 8 Average Size Birds. The Monmouth Minor chicken coop is one of our smallest coops and is suitable for 6-8 birds. Its dimensions are: W: 97cm (38") x D: 100cm (39") x H: 103cm (41") not including nest box. Allow an extra 61cm (24") for the nest box and enough space to access it.

  • Protects your birds from rain - the corrugated roof keeps your birds dry.

  • Provides ventilation without cold draughts - air passes through the curves on the edge of the corrugated roof, giving your birds get the airflow they need without any cold draughts.

  • Keeps your birds safe from foxes - the frame and panels are made from high quality, thick timber that dogs, foxes and other predators will not break. We've also added a lockable pophole, so when you put your chicks to bed, lock them in and they will be safe all night.

  • Is very easy to maintain - The timber we use has been pressure treated so that it is resistant to rot and fungus. You don't need to treat the wood yourself. It also has a large side access door, which makes it much easier to clean out the coop.

  • Can help you tackle red mites - Red mites are a common pest to poultry and they like to lurk in the nooks and crannies of a chicken coop. As the roof is corrugated, there are fewer places for red mites to hide - they usually hide between 2 flat surfaces, but the corrugated roof is one single sheet.

  • Can be fitted with an automatic VSBb door opener so you don't have to worry about letting your birds out in the morning. Just add a VSBb door opener to your order before you go to the checkout.

  • Can be supplied with a 10" wooden stand for extra height. Add the stand to your order if required.

  • Before you buy a Monmouth Minor chicken coop, have you seen our Sonning Minor chicken coop? The Sonning Minor chicken coop is also a smaller sized chicken house, but it has a pitched roof instead of a corrugated roof. Some people prefer the pitched roof as it creates that traditional countryside look.

    The Monmouth Minor Chicken Coop is Great Value at Just £300 inc.VAT.

    If you are looking for a smaller chicken coop that is strong, durable and provides your birds with the ideal living quarters, the Monmouth Minor is for you. And it is available at an incredibly low £270 (VAT included).

    Place your order now and your made to order chicken house could be with you in as little as 4-8 weeks. Even better, your Monmouth Minor chicken coop will arrive almost completely assembled - all you need to do is attach the roof, side door and nest box. It is very easy to set up and dismantle, so don't worry if you have tight doorways.
    We can deliver to anywhere in England, Wales or Lowland Scotland. If you live in another region, please get in touch as we can also arrange to deliver to other areas.

    Monmouth Minor Chicken Coop

    Ref: 1090

    Price: £250.00 Ex. VAT /£300.00 Incl. VAT


    10" high Wooden Stand for Monmouth House

    Add a Chicken Guard Door opener

    This items is Made to order - Current Waiting time Approx. 7 weeks

    This item can be shipped to mainland England,Wales & Lowland Scotland. Other areas by arrangement

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    Monmouth Minor Chicken Coop
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      Our hens love their new coop  Our hens took to their new coop straight away. Happy hens! Well made.    -

      Great.  After much time spent looking at chicken coops for sale we chose this one. Very happy with our decision to buy this hen house    -

      Great little house  Much bigger than it looks in the photo. Arrived ready built on a pallet. Very solid which means it takes 2 people to move it unlike the coop it replaced that really wasn't fit for purpose and cost near as much. Very happy. The roof and nest boxes are easy to fit in a few minutes.    -

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