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Today we’re giving away 10 money off vouchers to be spent at Green Valley Poultry Supplies.

These give away vouchers are available on a first come, first served basis.  When they are used they are gone.  Each voucher can be used in only one transaction.  If you enter the code and it’s not available then someone has already used it.  We don’t expect them to be available for long.

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Voucher codes to use with Green Valley Poultry Supplies


Calibrating a Chicken Guard Door opener to work with a self locking door.

Setting up the chickenguard asti premium door opener with a self locking door.

Here’s a short video to show how easy it is to calibrate the opening and closing points for a chicken guard door opener.  In this video we use an Chicken Guard ASTi Premium door opener and a hen size self locking door but the process is the same for all the Chicken Guard Door Openers and all doors whether self locking or not.

The whole calibration process takes under 2 minutes.

Once you have the basic door calibration you can just leave the unit as it is or you can further refine the process with time control as an option as well as adjustments for the light level for opening or closing.  If you need you can even leave the open or close process to be started with the the push buttons.

Chicken Guard Premium door opener
Self locking doors for use with automatic chicken door openers
Self locking hen door for use with automatic door opener




Comparison of absorbent, animal bedding powders

How do our 3 absorbent bedding powders compare?

We stock Stalosan, Biodri and Agrisec 250.  All have similar claims – to absorb excess moisture and to disinfect but which is the best?  We can’t measure the amount or effectiveness of the disinfectant as that’s a bit complicated but we can compare how much moisture each one is capable of absorbing.

Stalosan (S) Biodri (B) Argisec 250 (A)

We started with 50g of powder in each glass.  We then added 200g of water to each one, stirred and allowed to settle.  This was repeated later.  The initial results were quite conclusive with stalosan in third place, followed by biodri and than Agrisec. Although this photo doesn’t show it, the Stalosan had separated into 2 layers, one quite dense and the other very fluid.

To each sample of absorbent bedding powder we added 200g of water to test the absorbency of each one.

24 hours later we filtered each sample to extract the water.

The results of our Absorbent Bedding Powder Test

50g Stalosan absorbed 53g of water

50g of Biodri absorbed 80g of water

50g Agrisec 250 had absorbed 129g of water