Mixed Poultry Grit 25 KG Bag

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Mixed Hen Grit - 25 KG bag

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Mixed Hen Grit. 2 forms of poultry grit mixed in the correct proportions.
1: insoluble hard grit which has a grinding action in the gizzard enabling the bird to digest food properly.

2: Soluble soft calcium grit which dissolves into the birds system making it healthy and ensuring strong egg shells.

Bags of feed, grit etc. each incur their own carriage charge.
If you wish to buy more than 8 bags of feed or grit please contact us for the best carriage price.

Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Feed and grit

Brand/manufacturer: Green Valley Poultry Supplies

This item can be shipped to UK only and is normally despatched within 1-3 days

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Mixed Hen Grit - 25 KG bag

10 out of 10
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  Excellent service  Very pleased with product, well packaged, fast delivery - all in all, excellent value for money!  (07/02/2014) Jackie - Wales

    Excellent product, good value and efficiently delivered.   (13/12/2013) -

    Speedy delivery, perfect for the chicks.   (12/05/2013) -

  Excellent product promptly delivered  A useful combination of calcium shell and hard grit for the birds' crops.   (01/06/2012) Michael - Southport

    excellent product.   (30/06/2011) -

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