20 kg treadle chicken feeders

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20 kg treadle poultry feeder

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Optional Anti Waste Grill

20 kg treadle feeder.

  • Save money - no more feeding the wildlife

  • The feed can only be accessed when the chicken is stood on the tread. This opens the feeder so the hen can reach the food.
    These are designed to be used outside and prove to be very effective.

    It may not be suitable for bantams.

    Dimensions : (w) x (d) x (h)

    Your birds may need some training to use their new feeder.
    We suggest that you hold the treadle down with a weight for the first few days until the birds become accustomed to where they can find their food. After this they should be able to use the feeder without any problem.

    This feeder requires some basic assembly.

    Occasionally, if the rat problem has existed for some time, the rats may be large enough to operate the treadle when several are stood on it at one time. We suggest that our treadle feeder is used with other methods of rat control to prevent this.

    Dimensions (l) x (w) x (h)

    Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Chicken feeders > Treadle operated chicken feeders

    This items is normally despatched within 1-3 days

    This item can be shipped to UK and Europe

    Customer Reviews for:

    20 kg treadle poultry feeder

    9 out of 10
    based on38 ratings. 38 user reviews.

      very good product  The 20 Kg poultry is easy to put together and t the hens took to it straight away. It is easy to refill. Likewise the 12 is litre water container is very good once you have mastered filling it up  (03/09/2015) moose -

      Does the job  A good product, which the hens seem to have understood quickly. However, the blood on the 'held open' corn saver may indicate some adjustment necessary to begin with.   (02/03/2015) Carolyn Elwes - Gloucestershire

      20kg treadle poultry feeder  Review continued: If the vertical hinge bars (chains in the pic) aren't sitting right (and they're easily knocked by huddling chickens), it sometimes doesn't fully close. Which slightly defeats the purpose. Has happened only once in two weeks so not disastrous, but does need regular checking.   (10/01/2014) -

      20kg treadle poultry feeder  Bought to reduce rodent issues. Arrived safely. TERRIBLE instructions - photos worse than useless - had to phone for further advice. Padded the door as advised elsewhere & chickens used to it within week. Slight risk of clogging-perhaps result of damp & the anti-waste grill? But so far, so good.   (10/01/2014) -

      great solution for crow problem  Bought this chicken feeder as a solution to my crow problem I have an open run and the crows were eating all the chicken feed. Chickens quickly got the hang of it. I left a stone on the pedal for a week and they were trained. My neighbour has even bought one. Great, fast,efficient service from Wells   (10/12/2013) -

        hard to understand the instructions at first but eventually figured it out. problem is my chickens are too light to make the treadle work so I`m obliged to open it with a stone. And then they spread the grain everywhere so i`m obliged to clean up every evening so I don`t attract rats.   (11/11/2013) Jean Francois Gaillard - France

      20kg treadle feeder - good buy  Got this product along with the anti waste grill. What a good buy! My girls love it and only took 2 days to work out how to use it without the brick. It keeps the food dry and safe from other birds and rodents. Difficult to construct, my husband eventually worked it out tho'.   (25/09/2013) Christine Down - Charing, Kent

      Eggscellent  Hens took to it right away. We fitted the extra anti waste grid and I can truthfully say there is not any waste at all.   (05/09/2013) - Beyond Hope, High Peak.

      all good    (16/12/2012) -

      Great Product  This is a great product and does what it says. The instructions appear to be written by someone whose first language is not English, but it's not too hard to put together once you throw them away!   (29/08/2012) Simon. - UK

        sorry but we found the instructions woefully inadeqaute The photos were indistinguishable i have drilled two holes in either side of the lid so that it can be moved easily HOWEVER after much frustration the feeder is very good and my chickens are happy and content with it   (15/06/2012) -

      Beware of delivery damage  This is the second one I have purchased from wells several years apart and both were delivered damaged. It's poorly packaged and the bottom area gets crushed easily. The first I had discounted and the second wasn't quite so bad so I didn't bother complaining. Only suitable for big hen but works well   (07/06/2012) Martin - Lincolnshire

      20 Kg treadle feeder  Waited a while to write this review after receiving the feeder as I wanted to see how it worked over the long haul. Like other reviewers I taped up the tipping door to reduce the noise, but this is a very minor criticism. The reduction in waste will pay for this feeder in a very short space of time.   (22/01/2012) Al Blease - Aberdeenshire

        Delivered on time,chickens soon got used to it and the rats have disappeared a good buy!   (22/11/2011) Jennifer Dinsdale - lancashire

        excellent goods and service   (14/08/2011) -

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    When it's time to clean your chicken feeders we suggest using our Eton Appliance Cleaner as it's been formulated to deal with the muck and gunge you'll find develops on chicken feeders.