10 kg Treadle chicken Feeders.

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10 kg Treadle chicken Feeder

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Optional Anti Waste Grill

10 kg Treadle Feeder.

  • Save money - no more feeding the wildlife
  • All Metal Construction

  • The feed can only be accessed when the chicken is stood on the tread. This opens the feeder so the hen can reach the food. These are designed to be used outside and prove to be very effective. It may not be suitable for bantams.

    Your birds may need some training to use their new feeder.
    We suggest that you hold the treadle down with a weight for the first few days until the birds become accustomed to where they can find their food. After this they should be able to use the feeder without any problem.

    This feeder requires some basic assembly.

    Occasionally, if the rat problem has existed for some time, the rats may be large enough to operate the treadle when several are stood on it at one time. We suggest that our treadle feeder is used with other methods of rat control to prevent this.

    Dimensions (l) x (w) x (h)

    Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Chicken feeders > Treadle operated chicken feeders

    This items is normally despatched within 1-3 days

    This item can be shipped to UK and Europe

    Customer Reviews for:

    10 kg Treadle chicken Feeder

    8 out of 10
    based on91 ratings. 91 user reviews.

        very pleased with your product.only fault with the design is the top blows off in high winds.  (21/12/2015) -

      Money well spent   Arrived on time and has made chicken keeping so much easier. We fill it up the girls got used to it very quickly. Every hen house should have one   (21/12/2015) - Kent

      An excellent product  My chickens very quickly learnt to use this feeder. Consumption of feed has dropped dramatically. The rats are now moving away and looking for another food source.   (21/12/2015) Andy - Weymouth

      Great  Took a lot more time than the two weeks for my chickens to get the hang of it but now it's simply great.   (21/12/2015) -

      Very good  Chicken got the idea on how to use it withing a couple of days :)   (28/09/2015) Dina -

      Brilliant  We had a rat problem and after about a week of using this feeder I haven't seen one rat. Chickens and ducks got the hang of it right away. Saving food as rats aren't getting it and was easy to assemble. I love it, it's saved us money as food doesn't get wasted at all and birds like it so v happy.   (03/09/2015) -

      Good product despite poor instructions  I wish we'd bought this earlier. Our chickens took no time in getting used to the tread and the swinging door, and the starlings have left the garden - result! But why are the instructions in Spanish? Assembly was easy once I'd found my Spanish dictionary. And what is the giant spring for?   (03/09/2015) Stephanie Boucher - Biddenden, Kent

      Chicken feeding made easy!  were very happy with the feeder as it means we dont have to worry about the chickens going hungry if were away and its also good to see the master the technique for themselves of accessing the feeder   (05/08/2015) Christine Barnes - Liverpool

      Good product  I had Mr and Mrs Chicken. The hen quickly worked out how to use the feeder, the cockerel needed her assistance to use it. Then my dog killed the hen and I now have to help him use it till I get him a new wife.   (17/04/2015) Luise - Aberdeenshire

      All in all a good product.  Initially it looked like the wrong size, unit is very compact but holds the weight of feed easily. Delivery was delayed, & helpdesk unresponsive, as to why/where the delivery was, turns out the item was initially out of stock & they were waiting on suppliers.   (13/04/2015) -

      Excellent product  Quick and easy to assemble and a very good quality product. Removed the brick from the treadle after a week and chickens started using it at lunchtime. Food usage has dropped right off as rats no longer tunnel in - no food source for them! Highly recommended.   (02/04/2015) Paul Greener - Baughurst, Hants

      Great Feeder  We bought this feeder because we were going on holiday so wanted to make it easier for chooksitters. Also we were concerned about feeding the local wild bird population, mice(and worse. What a great idea! The Girls were using it within 24 hours with no bricks and we are using less feed now.   (18/10/2014) Mrs Elliott - South Wales

      Once tweeked, very good.  Poor manufacturing finish - very sharp edges to galvanised sheet. Difficult to carry - side handles added to solve problem. Needs a stable base when used in a field/rough ground. Otherwise, works well.   (14/10/2014) Peter - Ayrshire

      Good - does what it's meant to  Works very well - food consumption dropped hugely so rats obviously not accessing it. Only downside is the sharp edges which had me when I was assembling it! Not a problem when filling it though.   (25/07/2014) -

      Highly recommend  This is an excellent little device once you get it assembled.The assembly instructions are shocking but once it's together and the anti waster grid (essential) is well worth time/money - no more Rat issues - Yahoo! It's rained lots since I started using it and the feed stay dry.Happy chickens/mummy.   (22/07/2014) Becky Goodall - Staffs

    Anti Waste Grill Kit For 10 & 20 Kg Treadle Feeders


    4" (100 mm) 'T' Plated Hinge



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