10 kg Treadle chicken Feeders.

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10 kg  Treadle chicken Feeder

10 kg Treadle chicken Feeder

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Optional Anti Waste Grill

10 kg Treadle Feeder.

  • Save money - no more feeding the wildlife
  • All Metal Construction

  • The feed can only be accessed when the chicken is stood on the tread. This opens the feeder so the hen can reach the food. These are designed to be used outside and prove to be very effective. It may not be suitable for bantams.

    Your birds may need some training to use their new feeder.
    We suggest that you hold the treadle down with a weight for the first few days until the birds become accustomed to where they can find their food. After this they should be able to use the feeder without any problem.

    This feeder requires some basic assembly.

    Occasionally, if the rat problem has existed for some time, the rats may be large enough to operate the treadle when several are stood on it at one time. We suggest that our treadle feeder is used with other methods of rat control to prevent this.

    Dimensions (l) x (w) x (h)

    Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Chicken feeders > Treadle operated chicken feeders

    This items is normally despatched within 1-3 days

    This item can be shipped to UK and Europe

    Customer Reviews for:
    10 kg Treadle chicken Feeder
    8 out of 10
    based on86 ratings. 86 user reviews.

      all good     -

      Good product  I had Mr and Mrs Chicken. The hen quickly worked out how to use the feeder, the cockerel needed her assistance to use it. Then my dog killed the hen and I now have to help him use it till I get him a new wife.   Luise - Aberdeenshire

      Excellent buy  Arrived quickly although slightly damaged in transit. Chooks learned to use it in 2 days. Keeping the vermin at bay both feathered and furry. Highly recommend to any poultry keeper   Sue -

        very pleased,saves alot of feed being spoilt    -

      Works really well  Was having trouble with starlings, crows etc, but this seems to have sorted the problem....Chickens ok with the 'clank' but it scared off the crows,some of which are heavy enough to use the treadle. I am saving huge amounts of feed now.   Fiona Ramage - Somerset

      Great Job  Bought one of these over a month ago. They are a great job. However I felt the need to make a few improvements. 1. I sealed the joints with silicon to stop moisture entering the feed. 2 I raised the feed containment lip to stop hens scattering feed. They are messy eaters. Highly reccomended.    -

      Brilliant  Arrived within a very short space of time and simple to put together. The hens have now got the hang of it but it did take around a week or so. The food is lasting so much longer now that we're not feeding the rest of the wildlife!   Mike -

      Excellent product  Quick and easy to assemble and a very good quality product. Removed the brick from the treadle after a week and chickens started using it at lunchtime. Food usage has dropped right off as rats no longer tunnel in - no food source for them! Highly recommended.   Paul Greener - Baughurst, Hants

      Automatic chicken feeder  Works very well . Prevents rats and mice eating or contaminating feed.Slight spillidge I just move it slightly and it's soon gone .easy to assemble and Chickens were using it the same day arfter putting a brick on treadle for three hours   Graham Carey - Ipswich

        Excellent purchase, rats and rooks now very hungry. Chickens took to it straight away and are laying better. Would recommend.   kaz and ed - farningham

    Anti Waste Grill Kit For 10 & 20 Kg Treadle Feeders

    Anti Waste Grill Kit For 10 & 20 Kg Treadle Feeders


    4" (100 mm) 'T' Plated Hinge




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    When it's time to clean your chicken feeders we suggest using our Eton Appliance Cleaner as it's been formulated to deal with the muck and gunge you'll find develops on chicken feeders.