insects for birds 450g tub

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insects for birds 450g tub

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Insects for Chickens

Small insects that can be added to current feed or fed independently providing all the essential amino acids required for good growth & wellbeing

Can be scattered in the pen to encourage natural foraging or can be fed from a feeder, can be soaked before use for young birds.

Contains Shrimp, Maggot, Mealworm and Water Fly

450g tub

Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Feed and grit

Brand/manufacturer: Green Valley Poultry Supplies

This item can be shipped to UK and Europe and is normally despatched within 1-3 days

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insects for birds 450g tub

10 out of 10
based on11 ratings. 11 user reviews.

  Gone in a flash  My girls loved these, i only put a little mixed in with their feed just as a treat.  (08/11/2013) Kim - Suffolk

  Fantastic treat for the girls & great service  Thank you Wells. Reliable supplier of everything you need to keep our feathery friends happy & healthy   (08/07/2013) -

    My girls absolutely love these. They go mad for them and scattered in their pen should give them something to do, takes them moments!   (13/11/2012) Eridu - Berkshire

  dried insects for chickens  excellent fast speedy service. my chickens did not like them the wild birds ate them so they did not go to waste   (01/11/2012) -

  Very fast delivery  Brilliant product, the girls love it!! Was delivered quickly and without fuss.   (01/11/2012) Sarah Pallett - Essex

  Excellent!  My girls are thrilled to have these tasty treats and get very excited when they see the tub! Certainly one of their favourites - along with natual yogurt and blueberries. Prompt service, as ever - thank you!   (29/06/2012) Michele Holland - Bungay, Suffolk

    The chickens absolutely love them !   (26/06/2012) -

  What a find!  My chickens practically mug me for these! They absolutely love them and will leave their regular feed to eat these first!   (22/12/2011) Abi Prymaka - Warwickshire

  Surprisingly pleasant and well liked dried insects  Hens very keen on them, and they seem good extra nutrition especially as the weather cools. A pleasant nutty smell too!   (31/10/2011) Michael - Southport

  They love them!  These are great and provide a bit of variety in their daily diet and help with the bonding process!   (28/10/2011) Ed - Huntly

  Insects For Chickens  I will definately be buying this again. My hens love it!!!!   (27/06/2011) -

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