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Anti Waste Grill Kit For 10 & 20 Kg Treadle Feeders

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Anti Waste Grill Kit For 10 & 20 Kg Treadle Feeders

The anti waste grill kit comprises of:

Anti Waste Grill
Bolts, Washers and Nuts

The feeder will need 2 holes drilling to attach the anti waste grid

This anti waste grill doesn't fit the feeders we supply but will most other types of 10 & 20kg treadle feeders

Dimensions (l) x (w) x (h)

Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Chicken feeders > Treadle operated chicken feeders

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Customer Reviews for:

Anti Waste Grill Kit For 10 & 20 Kg Treadle Feeders

7 out of 10
based on23 ratings. 23 user reviews.

  good value  purchased 3 of the Anti Waste Grills, with some minor adjustment they all fitted easily. Good product.  (03/09/2015) Paul - Dorset

  Fit 7KG Treadle  This actually fit my 7 KG treadle we thought we might have to cut it down but its fine. The only thing is the chickens don't like it, we have an alternative one without the grate and they use that.   (13/10/2014) -

  works well  Does what it says! Only downside is that it isn't an integral part of the feeder but requires holes drilling to fit it. Wouldn't use the feeder without.   (25/07/2014) -

  Anti wast grill  Anti wast gill works really well don't no why its not fitted on feeder from new . Our chickens were shovelling food everywhere that has completely stopped well worth the money.   (31/12/2013) CFC - Norfolk

  Not required  Only got this product after reading other reviews,but my chickens don't make the mess other chickens appear to do.Advise to try freeder first before buying this product. Only giving this product a 4 rating due to poor fitting instructions,suggest a video on how to fit   (05/09/2013) - Suffolk

  essential  It really does work   (07/08/2013) -

  Great Addition!   The Grill is a fantastic addition to the Treadle Feeder, it surely does save on Waste, the only comment I would add, is, why is it an add-on, why not include it with the Feeder, it is an essential part of the Feeder?   (24/07/2013) Robert - Ireland

  Essential addition  Hens were flicking out a lot of the food from the feeder but having installed the grill this no longer happens and there is no wastage. I would recommend this is purchased with the feeder. Easy to fit but instructions provided were impossible to read.   (22/03/2013) Jen -

  dreadful instructions  dreadful instructions I know it wasn't expensive but couldn't see the picture enclosed   (16/11/2012) Kay Tomlinson - Plymouth

  No more free meals for local wildlife......  My girl's used to flick more pellets out for the bird's and mice than they ate themselves. Now the Anti-waste grill has been fitted there is no longer any free meals for the local wildlife. Easy to fit and in less than 10 minutes. Great item would not hesitate to recommend.   (14/10/2012) Pip - Essex

  It works  Like treadle feeder, VERY POOR INSTRUCTIONS. Easy to fit, but perhaps holes could have been pre-drilled?   (01/10/2012) -

  Anti Waste Grill Kit For 10 & 20 Kg Treadle Feeder  fed up with wild birds pinching the hens feed we bought the above. definitely need the anti waste grill with the treadle feeder tried feeder alone for 1 day while awaiting delivery of grill kit and our hens wasted lots of feed now grill is fitted No waste whatever great products when used together   (12/09/2012) -

  does a great job once fitted  my chickens were wasting loads of food around the base of the feeder. once the grill was installed there was minimum food waste - just a couple of rogue pellets now. positive result! bought my feeder elsewhere and needed to 're-shape' the grill to fit. may be a perfect fit for on site feeders.   (03/08/2012) adam - newport

  Brilliant!  The chicks were hoofing out all their feed before this was fitted. Now there's not a crumb beneath the feeder.   (28/06/2012) -

  Seems to work so far  One of my naughty hens seemed to be scratting the pellets out so I ordered a grill. Unfortunately, when it arrived I had just filled up the hopper, so fitting it properly would have to wait. However, I have just laid the grill in the feeder and so far, they do not seem to be wasting food.   (20/02/2012) -

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