Timer for JT automatic Doors

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Timer for JT automatic Doors

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This timer will enable any of the JT range to open at a set time in the morning and close either according to the light sensor or a pre set time.

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Timer for JT automatic Doors

9 out of 10
based on78 ratings. 78 user reviews.

  excellent  arrived the next day, installed and fully functional. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. No more early morning breakfasts for Mr. Fox!  (19/08/2014) -

  Very good piece of kit.  I'd often find my chickens squawking at 6.00 in the morning, which isn't great for neghbourly relations! This overides the light sensor, so you can chosse the time they get up. Instructions a little hard to follow but there's agood YouTube video to help with setup.   (18/08/2014) Chris Lloyd - Wirral

  Great piece of kit.  I bought this timer to replace an old one, which seems to have succumbed to last winter's bad weather. Setting the times is a bit fiddly until you get used to it, but then it's a breeze. I would recommend it to anybody.   (01/04/2014) Nick - Chelmsford

  Highly recommended  We bought this to replace our clockwork timer which had given up the ghost after 5 years of good service in an exposed position! This one is easy to set and to fit - and we've put it inside the henhouse to protect it, so we're looking forward to at least another 5 years of simplified chicken care.   (31/03/2014) -

  Digital timer - big improvement  We previously had the analogue timer which finally ground to a halt - this is much more reliable and hardly ever requires new batteries. Great improvement for excellent door system which we have had for years.   (25/02/2014) Patrick Tuite - West Sussex

  New timer for vsbi opener  Thanks very much the timer works a treat :-)   (10/02/2014) Davon - Chagford

  the essential extra  Without this you have to rely on your hens getiing in before the door shuts. The uncerainty is removed by this and so you can go out for the day or weekend. Most importantly the free phone number is a wonderful safety net for technophobes like me when your technical friend is not there.   (09/12/2013) Michael Rought-Brooks - Ebberston, North Yorkshire

  great  well worth every penny! works great, easy to install and use and saves me having to get up so early to let them all out,   (13/11/2013) craig - liverpool

    very good except it refused to close twice for no apparent reason. save me getting up so early in the morning.   (11/11/2013) Jean Francois Gaillard - France

  Timer and automatic door opener with pulleys  Works perfectly. We keep ducks and geese in the same stable with a large sized door. Rigged it up using pulleys to accommodate a bit of extra weight as stable is fenced in the middle to keep birds apart, so one big door does both. Wired in a switch so I can use timer to open but manually close it.   (10/10/2013) Steve - Essex

  Works well  This timer does exactly what it says it will do, that is override the light sensor on the automatic door opener. Easy to programme if the instructions are followed, but difficult if you are used to a more intuitive setting process. Nice waterproof cable seal, but pricey for an on/off timer   (01/06/2013) -

  Brilliant  Even better than the mechanical timer. The timer and VSB opener are an outstanding combination.   (31/05/2013) Paul - Cambridgeshire

  Great!  Used this and the duck door as a "Cat Door" on the screen porch. Our cats roam the yard during the day and we lock them up at night. We are retired and no longer wake up early to let the out. They won't keep a collar on so the normal cat door won't work. This works great.   (31/05/2013) James Church - Pensacola, Florida, U.S.A.

  |Great idea  We can make sure the stragglers are in by delaying closure and keep them in in the morning to prevent too much noise at 5am!   (31/05/2013) - New Forest

  very pleased  would recommend device, and supplier to anyone.Used their openers now for over 7 years. Just had to replace the old-style 1.5V timer as it seemed to lose time. Annoyingly, having taken-it-to-bits-and-put-it-back-together-again, it's working .However this new model is much more robust. Nice one   (13/05/2013) -

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