Poultry Feed Trough 4x2x24"

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Poultry Feed Trough 4x2x24"

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Feed Trough 4x2x24"

Traditional tough galvanised steel construction.
These are suitable for dry feed or with wet mash

Dimensions (l) x (w) x (h)

Product Category: Poultry equipment > Chicken feeders > Heavy duty galvanised floorstanding chicken feeder

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Poultry Feed Trough 4x2x24"

10 out of 10
based on4 ratings. 4 user reviews.

  Feed trough  I like this item as its strong and big enough for all 5 of my chickens to get round. Having said that I have a cream crested legbar who doesn't like getting her feathered head in the trough and another hen with a large comb who equally doesn't like it. So they have a separate bowl now!   (23/07/2013) Mrs Lea - Peterborough

  Great for ducks  Good solid item first container that my 5 ducks haven't managed to tip over/stand in. Paid the tiny bit more for quick delivery and it arrived in no time. Can reccomend.   (22/11/2012) -

    Good and sturdy so not knocked over by hens if they stand on the edge. Perfect size for my 6 hens.   (18/05/2012) -

    I have four medium sized hens and they can all line up at this trough with no difficulty. Trough does not take up too much room in the ark and is easy to clean. Sometimes I catch the chickens walking in the feed, or I have to remove droppings, but not very often. I am very pleased with this trough.   (09/08/2010) Dr A Stibbe - Watford

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