Mini Cup Drinker

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Mini Cup Drinker

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Low cost, Multi-use drinker system
Float-valve ensures the drinker is always full
Easy to clean & easy to fit and frost proof for outdoor use
Can be used for measured medication
Fits to any size water container at any species-specific height
Easy-to-clean Filter reduces clogging
Designed for Industrial or Domestic Use
Small reservoir minimises evaporation

Dimensions (l) x (w) x (h)

Product Category: Poultry equipment > Chicken drinkers > Automatic chicken drinker

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Mini Cup Drinker

5 out of 10
based on12 ratings. 12 user reviews.

  Mini Cup Drinker  I spotted these with another hen keeper a few weeks back and thought that they were an excellent way of dispensing water. No instructions but a little latteral thinking and I have it connected to a camping water carrier and the chickens love it. Solid, easy to clean and strong as well.  (01/11/2012) Ian Bevan - Gloucester

  mini cup drinker  chickens love it and prefer it to the big drinkers. No clue why. It has its faults, every week or so, I have to disassemble and clean the floating device or it stops working. As many things I have bought from this shop, they come without instructions manual so often it requires to call the shop.   (25/07/2011) jairo - wycombe

  A great success  My ex-battery hens took to it whilst I was still filling the water container. The old drinkers(two large dog bowls) are now ignored.   (17/04/2011) Nick - Somerset

  Mini Cup Drinkers  Excellent product. the chickens just love them   (01/07/2010) Amanda - Hertfordshire

  Mini cup drinker  These drinkers are really excellent quality. They come with a filter so that you can use them with a harvested water supply with no problems. The chickens love them.   (19/02/2010) Julie - Cheshire

Small auto poultry Drinker (BEC 75)


Medium Auto poultry Drinker (WM2)



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