Rotamaid 100 Egg Washer Machine

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Rotomaid 100 Egg Wash Machine

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100 egg wash machine

Rotamaid is the premier egg cleaner. Practical and durable, it comes with enhanced safety features and an improved motor for even greater efficiency. With base unit, buckets and baskets all available as separates the Rotamaid is the sensible answer to egg washing needs.

The egg wash machine comprises of 2 main parts - the heated bucket and the ossilating base. Fill the bucket with water and your choosen egg wash liquid or powder. Place on the ossilating base. Once the water has warmed place the basket of eggs into the bucket and the gentle washing action will clean them. If you have a large number of eggs the spare baskets will save you time as you can be loading/unloading one whilst the other basket of eggs is in the machine washing.

100 egg capacity is based on game eggs.

100 egg capacity is based on game eggs.

Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Egg Washing

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