10 kg plastic wall mounted grey chicken feeder

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10 Kg Wall / Cage mounted Grey Plastic chicken feeder

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Price: £29.15 Ex. VAT /£34.98 Incl. VAT


Fit this feeder to the wall off your chicken coop with the included bracket to offer your hens a regular supply of food. The hopper design helps to reduce waste and keeps the feed dry.

Increase the capcity of your wall / cage mounted chicken feeder by adding 5 kg extension hoppers
5 kg extension hoppers">

Dimensions (l) 31cm x (w) 14 x (h) 45cm

Product Category: poultry Equipment > Feeders

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Customer Reviews for:

10 Kg Wall / Cage mounted Grey Plastic chicken feeder

9 out of 10
based on3 ratings. 3 user reviews.

  Great feeder  Love this feeder, normal feeders weren't keeping the food dry in the extreme weather we've been having so I've put this in a sheltered corner out of the wind and rain and the girls took to it straight away! So impressed I've ordered another one... I'm happy :)  (31/01/2016) Lou - Keswick, Lake District

  Great Floor Space Saver  A moulded feeder system, comes with 2 wall brackets, fixings and instructions. Easy to install. No issues experienced with the brackets - fixed my feeder to an inside wooden wall within a run area - they appear to be strong and push/hold firmly in place. Top filling with adjustable feed control.   (11/01/2014) Autumn Morris - Scottish Bordersf

  Feeder fine but bracket is flimsy  Feeder has been mounted for a few weeks now and there's a good sliding plate that allows you to control how much food is available to reduce waste. My only gripe is that the bracket is made of flimsy plastic and the feeder sometimes falls out and onto the floor. Much better if it was made of metal.   (09/12/2013) -

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