Barrier Poultry Anti Peck Spray

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Barrier Poultry Anti Peck Spray

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Anti-pecking Spray
Totally natural, non-toxic, foul tasting spray designed to help deter feather pecking in poultry.

Anti-pecking Spray: A totally natural, non-toxic, foul tasting spray to help deter feather pecking in poultry including chickens, turkeys and game birds. Anti-pecking spray will help to deter pecking whilst soothing and calming sore areas.

Contains: Anti-pecking spray contains concentrated herbal and essential oils and includes a natural disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties to help protect vulnerable, sore areas against infection.

Deterrent Against Feather Pecking: We recommend you use Anti-pecking Spray regularly as a deterrent to help deter feather pecking in poultry, which can be the first steps towards cannibalism.

Prevention: Prevention is always the best option and it is essential to stop this behaviour before an outbreak occurs and spreads throughout the flock.
It is understood that the causes of feather pecking can be a combination of genetics and the environment in which the bird is kept.
Careful selection of genetic stock and good management practices can prevent most problems associated with aggressive feather pecking and cannibalism. Although the causes of cannibalism are not fully understood, a contributing factor can be unsatisfactory housing conditions. Feather pecking is known to be worse in battery than free-range or deep-litter systems. Overcrowding, excessive bright light, house temperature of less than 20C, insufficient access to food, water, perch and nesting space, dietary deficiencies, parasites like lice and mites and injured birds left in the flock, are all additional factors which can be to blame for bullying.
Feather pecking in poultry flocks is usually directed to the vent area. tail, body, feet and head and can range from gentle feather pecking to a very aggressive form. Regularly check for tell tail signs. Unfortunately poultry are attracted to blood and so the slightest fresh wound that bleeds can lead to cannibalistic behaviour, where the tearing and consuming of tissue, skin and organs can take place.

Suitable for use in Organic Farming Systems : This product falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended) and is therefore suitable to use in organic systems.

Directions for use : SHAKE WELL. Regularly spray vulnerable areas, generously.

Available Pack Sizes : 400ml

Product Category: Poultry equipment > Health

Brand/manufacturer: Barrier Biotech

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