Wall Mounted poultry Dispatcher

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Wall Mounted poultry Dispatcher

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The Wall mounted Poultry Despatcher is used as an aid to dislocating the neck of poultry as a method of slaughter for small scale poultry production.

Our recomendation is that you don't use it to simply crush the neck as this can lead to an extended death but you use it as an aid to neck dislocation.

The opening can be adjusted for different size necks.

Hold the bird under your left arm and hold the head with you left hand.

Place the birds neck in the 'U' of the despatcher and lower the lever so the head is held just behind the neck. The lever needs to grip the neck but not squash it.

Now whilst holding the lever with you right hand lean backwards allowing your body weight to provide the force to dislocate the neck.

Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Meat Processing

Brand/manufacturer: Green Valley Poultry Supplies

This item can be shipped to Worldwide and is normally despatched within 1-3 days

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Wall Mounted poultry Dispatcher
9 out of 10
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  good product, prompt delivery,good service  only used on bantam cocks so far very efective  (12/01/2016) Trevor - Northamptonshire

  V Good product   very good product that does the job well, is well made and should last.   (21/12/2015) -

  No instructions   Arrived promptly. Not Been used yet, as it was bought as a present , but there are no instructions whatsoever accompanying it.   (28/09/2015) Lynne - Ayrshire

  A much nicer way  I couldn't find this in Australia so I ordered it from overseas. My husband didn't like killing the chickens with a knife, he felt it was cruel. Then I bought this and he used it and found it great. He doesn't feel so bad now when it's time for our birds to cross that bridge, so to speak.   (18/08/2014) Melissa - Australia

  very happy with the service  saw this device on TV and could not find this product in Australia, so very happy to receive 2 dispatches(one for Mum). I am waiting for a few roosters to grow out. I like the heaviness of the device and that its wall mounted. Thankyou   (08/10/2013) Sam - Australia

  Did the job  I read a number of reviews of this and similar products & was glad that I narrowed the gap to what I took to be 2 depths of chicken skin. With my wife holding the hen I pulled down on the handle, felt no resistance nor heard anything - a merciful dispatch method - for the hen and us!   (09/02/2012) -

  A sturdy well made item.  The dispatcher arrived very quickly and was a lot larger than I imagined it to be, and is sturdy and of quality material. With having problems with tendonitis I wouldn't be able to dispatch a sick bird by hand, but I am sure when needed it will do the job quickly and professionally.   (25/06/2011) Cyril Barnett - Wigan. Lancashire

  Better than neck pulling  I was happy with the product, although i was surprised there were no instructions or guidelines for best use.It is a humane despatcher and anyone who hasn't used one before wouldn't know what gap to leave for which sized bird. I tried it on a dead bird first to get the adjustment right.   (31/05/2011) Sunnyside - Burton on Trent

  Looks the business  Luckily for the hens I haven't had to use the dispatcher yet, but it looks good enough to 'do' the job quickly. My birds are enormous (10-11lbs) and this looks adjustable enough to be able to cope with large and small fowl. I'll write another review as soon as the 'deed' is done....   (01/03/2010) -



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