vsb automatic door fitting instructions, fit a chicken door opener

VSB automatic chicken door fitting instructions

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Click here for printable VSB fitting instructions with additional diagrams

VSB Fitting instructions.

The VSBbi model has now been altered. For correct operation with the external light sensor, place the plastic cap over component R2 on the circuit board

Fastening the sliding gate Arrange the lower fastening screws of the rails on the inside as a lower stop for the sliding gate. If several sliding gates are intended to be mounted, they can be fastened via idlers (maximum overall weight: 5 kg). Arrange the lower stop in such a manner that any freezing faeces will not cause the sliding gate to freeze up. If you're using an existing door it must have a solid bottom stop but no upper obstruction.

The knot that forms the loop in the cord is an essential part of the mechanism- DO NOT REMOVE IT!!
Do not attempt to bend or move any component on the circuit board.

If you're using an existing door fit a screw eye or hook to the bottom of the door if the door slides inside the house, at the top if it slides up the outside.
Remove the cover from the VSBb, behind each cover bolt you'll see the hole for the mounting screw.
Attach the loop hanging from the bottom of the unit to the door and lift the whole assembly to the fully open position, now lower the VSBb by approx. ¼". Attach the unit to the hen house using a screw in each corner. Check that there is still some ¼" of vertical movement. Fit the batteries. The motor will take up any slack.
Connect pins 3 & 4 together - a Yale key or a 2 pence coin is about right. The door will lower to the closed position. When the cord goes slack the motor will stop. Disconnect 3& 4 and the door will rise after a short delay. Check that the knot in the cord trips the small white lever at the bottom left of the unit and turns off the motor. Check that there is still some vertical movement in the door.

Varying the sensitivity. The adjusting device (above the pins 5 and 6 , "slot marked with arrow") has been set in such a way that the sliding gate is closed relatively early. If it is still too bright for closing at this time, turn the controller clockwise and check the changed adjustment from a certain distance. Check the adjustment at a later time and readjust the controller anti-clockwise, if necessary. Shield the VSB unit from foreign lighting sources!

6. Control with BS-D or ZS-D time switch. Prior to every adjustment, the program button must be pressed, until P appears under the hour display. Setting the current time: Hours using and minutes using . The default setting for closing time is between 10 PM and 8 AM. The time switch can be set by individually actuating the 10 PM segment with the aid of the segment button and setting with the confirmation button. Afterwards, press and hold the segment button (to activate all segments for this time period), until segment ¼ to 8 (7:45 to 8:00). Set the entire closing time with the aid of the confirmation button. It is also possible to individually actuate and set segments. If segments should be deleted, actuate these with and delete with . Programming mode is exited after 30 sec., or by pressing of . By default, the VSB opens at 8 AM (provided it is not dark) and closes when it is dark, however, no later than 10 PM. Thus, it is not necessary to constantly correct the closing time. If the time switch alone should be used for control, the contacts 5 and 6 should be connected by means of the enclosed jumper. (VSB can also be closed by means of the switch (make contact) via contacts 3 and 4; similar function as time switch!). When a crossed-out battery icon is displayed (X), remove the time switch by means of 2 screws in the housing and change the two AA batteries on the bottom of the time switch. Only use brand-name alkaline batteries!

Pull cord. After some years of operation, it may happen that the pull cord breaks. Check the condition of the pull cord at certain intervals. For replacing the pull cord, close the automatic device, "draw out" the complete cord, switch off the device and replace the fishing-line of 0.45 mm dia., soft design, by following the same procedure. Then switch on the device, while not pulling at the cord, but wait until the cord is drawn in. Now slightly brake the cord and guide it. We disclaim any warranty for pull cord broken and its consequences. The pull cord will have a service life of 10 years or more.

Maintenance instructions. Do not lubricate the pull cord by oil or grease.
Technical data: Operating voltage: 6 to 12 V d.c.
Maximum! sliding gate weight: 3 kg or 6kg using pulley
Minimum sliding gate weight: 200 g (in case of weights below 200 g, a closing operation is not possible)
Maximum stroke length: 60 cm, automatic adjustment
Delay: Batteries: 4 AA, Mignon, Duracell. only alkaline version. Cheap batteries tend to leak which may damage the unit.

All units come with a 3 year warranty for EU purchases and 1 year for other areas. This covers all mechanical and electrical parts but not the cord. In the case of a fault developing within this period you may return the unit to us (the retailer), we will then return the unit to the manufacturer for repair. Alternatively, contact the manufacturer directly who will be able to send a replacement PCB for exchange. Whilst we in no way wish to avoid our responsibilities as a retailer, the quickest solution is to deal direct with the manufacturer.
We are happy to provide installation advice but due to the complexity of the unit we are unable to carry out any repairs.

Click here for printable VSB fitting instructions with additional diagrams