Quick poultry Plucker

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Quick poultry Plucker

Quick poultry Plucker

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QUICK 11 dry chicken plucker

N. disks 11, aluminium hot painted steel-castings, Inox 18/10 metal carpentry, two electro motors: one at the intake HP 2, the other one at the plucking traction HP 1. Electrical input: maximum required power 2.2 Kw. Voltage: 400 Volts,weight of the machine 93 Kg.
The SENESI dry pluckers pluck chickens, guinea-fowls, ducks, turkeys, quails and game in general, without water needing. Using them is easy, anybody can do it: no special skills are required, and they immediately start working. Once they have been plucked by special steel disks, feathers are sucked and conveyed into a sack or an empty space created for this aim.This way you obtain a perfect plucking through hygienic and practical working system. One person, after a little experience, can pluck from 30 to 35 chickens per hour by the Wind 7model and up to 40% more by the Quick 11, being a machine thought for a more professional use.

Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Meat Processing

Brand/manufacturer: Green Valley Poultry Supplies

This item can be shipped to UK Mainland Only and is special order, normally despactched within 2 weeks

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