Layers Mash Chicken Feed 1KG Bag

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Layers Mash chicken food - 1 KG bag

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Layer Mash chicken food - 1 kg bag

Our layers mash is made from the highest quality ingredients to provide a highly palatable, Non-GM, nutritious feed suitable for all laying hens - consists of 40% -25% wheat, 25% - 10% wheatfeed, barley, calcium carbonate, sunflower ext

Layers mash is commonly used commercial poultry farms where it is better suited to automated machinery than layers pellet. It is not so popular in smaller flocks where pellets are easier to handle and less dusty although both products contain identical ingredients and the only difference is the shape.

Layer mash is often used when re homing ex-battery hens. As they have lived on a diet of mash and possible have damaged or trimmed beaks they often find it easier but we find most of our customers will wean them onto pellets if at all possible.

Also available in 20kg sacks

All chicken feed / grit etc. under 20 kg is repackaged from large bags.

Product Category: Poultry Equipment > Feed and grit

Brand/manufacturer: Farmgate Chicken Feed

This item can be shipped to UK only and is normally despatched within 1-3 days

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