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Kokzi-des 1 litre pump dispenser

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Kokzi Des - Anti-Coccidial Disinfectant

Kokzi-Des is a broad-spectrum disinfectant formulated to eliminate endoparasites, worm eggs,
coccidia, cryptosporidia, and clostridia primarily in poultry housing but also suitable for use in other situations.

When mixed as a 3% solution it has a target kill time of only 2 hours for coccidia (Eimeria tenella) and worm eggs (Ascaris suum)

For cryptosporidia and clostridia 2% 2hrs and 4% 1hrs respectivley

Kokzi-Des is available in 1litre and 10 litre concentrate and 750ml RTU (Ready to Use 4% solution) Trigger Spray.

Clean out you housing and ensure the floor, equipment and walls are throughly soaked with a diluted
solution of Kokzi Des. For smooth surfaces we suggest using 100ml of solution per m2.

Please ensure you you download and read the safety data sheet.
This is a professional, heavy duty chemical treatment.
When used in higher concentration (e.g.400ml per m2) forced ventilation must be used
during the disinfecting process. There is no need to rinse the surfaces.

DVG Approved

DEFRA does NOT have an approval scheme for anticoccidials,
but Kokzi-Des has been approved as an
anti-coccidial by the prestigious German organisation,
DVG, the German Veterinary Association
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