Internal Parasite (worms etc)

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Treatment for internal parasites in chickens

These treatments are all based on natural products that help to maintain health guts and discourage internal parasites. Regular treatments are given either in the chicken food or water. There is no egg withdrawal with any of this products.
Verm-X Liquid 250ml
Price: £16.50
Verm-X Liquid 500ml
Price: £27.50
Verm-X Liquid 1 Litre
Price: £49.50
Verm-x Pellets 250g
Price: £10.99
Verm-X Pellets 750g
Price: £22.50
Verm-X Pellets 1.5kg
Price: £41.50
pack of 10x 3 ml Pipette
Price: £2.60 Ex. VAT /£3.12 Incl. VAT