5 kg plastic cage mounted green chicken feeder

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5 Kg Cage mounted Green Plastic chicken feeder

Ref: 3082

Price: £20.75 Ex. VAT /£24.90 Incl. VAT


These feeders are supplied with attachments fit it onto the mesh of your chicken run.
with a sloping mesh run they can be fitted through the mesh so they can be filled from outside. The hopper design helps to reduce food wasted thereby saving money and reducing any vermin problems.

Increase the capcity of your wall / cage mounted chicken feeder by adding 5 kg extension hoppers
5 kg extension hoppers">

Dimensions (l) 31cm x (w) 13cm x (h) 31cm

Product Category: poultry Equipment > Feeders

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This item can be shipped to UK and Europe

Customer Reviews for:

5 Kg Cage mounted Green Plastic chicken feeder

10 out of 10
based on9 ratings. 9 user reviews.

  perfect for my chickens  Easy to use, chickens always have food available and can't kick it over  (28/09/2015) Annette - Northumberland

  eggs-ellent - lol  new to chickens? lazy? yup; that's us. this allows us to set the chickens up so they can have plenty of feed, it keeps everything dry and our 3 chooks seem to like it. I have no previous experience for comparison, but I do like it.   (08/07/2015) Dawn - Exeter

  So good I bought another    (10/04/2015) MC - now Wendover

  Does what it says on the tin  Simple idea well executed. Took the hens just a day to get used to it.   (21/01/2014) -

  great feeder  this is great was dubious to start with as i use a mash not pellets but it is fine and my chickens like it which is important   (09/01/2014) sandra gearing - eastbourne

  just what we needed  The 5kg is just just what we needed we also have 2 of your 10kg they save us a lot have time   (15/12/2013) Peter Barr - Thirsk North Yorkshire

  great feeder  this is a great feeder, keeps the food dry, not much mess so less wasted food, took our chickens a few days to figure it out, perfect for our needs,   (07/11/2013) -

  Excellant  Perfect for our chickens. Keeps food dry, and reduces the amount of feed scattered on the floor that attracts rodents. Plus the 5kg size means I don't have to fill up daily. Thoroughly recommend.   (05/09/2013) MC - Great Missenden

  Much better than other feeders  Keeps the food dry and away from vermin. Both my chickens and ducks can use it quite happily. Doesn't spill.   (14/06/2013) Helen Walker - Devon

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When it's time to clean your chicken feeders we suggest using our Eton Appliance Cleaner as it's been formulated to deal with the muck and gunge you'll find develops on chicken feeders.