10l plastic tripod chicken drinker

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10l plastic tripod chicken drinker

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10 litre plastic Tripod chicken drinker

This sturdy plastic tripod drinker has a 10 litre capacity. The dish is at a good height for your chickens to drink at and water will flow from the tank above keeping a constant level in the drinking tray below.
The drinker will assemble quickly and easily without the use of tools and includes a spare stopper. The red stopper pin will stop the flow for ease of filling.
You will find the plastic tripod drinker easy to keep clean as it is lifted off the ground preventing the hens from filling it with dirt and it can be relocated easily from place to place.
It is also available in 20 litre and 30 litre sizes.
20 litre and 30 litre sizes.

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10l plastic tripod chicken drinker
9 out of 10
based on9 ratings. 9 user reviews.

  very Pleased  very happy with this product and how quickly it was dispatched to us. Product very easy to use and set up  (21/12/2015) -

  Excellent product  Very pleased with this item and the company - fast delivery! we have both chickens (2) and ducks (2) and decided to go for an off the ground waterer as the ducks were getting the ordinary chicken waterer very messy which kept blocking it up. This one does get muddy and full of dirt but doesn't block   (08/07/2015) -

  How to clean it?  Would be good if it were easier to clean its inside. The only way I've found is by swilling it with bleach. Even though I rinse it thoroughly, I'm not keen on this method. So I no longer use it, and I've bought another that is easier to keep hygienic.   (08/06/2014) -

  10 litre plastic Tripod Drinker  Ordered 2 of these recently as my chickens were constantly fouling their previous drinkers. The tripod drinker allows the chickens to drink at a much better height which keeps the water much cleaner and the large capacity ensures that they have plenty of water in reserve.   (31/03/2014) Tony Gallagher - Donegal Ireland

    Same as poultry feeder review..both bought for Xmas presents 2 days before..arrival on time and being used by 20 wild pheasants and an excellent present..well done wales..to Essex on time.   (20/01/2014) -

  Very pleased  I am very happy with the drinker. It's useful to know when refilling the container unscrew the top slightly and the water flows quickly into the base. Remember to re-tighten or the water flows everywhere! Ideal as we are out all day so the chickens have plenty of clean water.   (04/08/2013) Sue - Surrey

  Good bit of kit  I got fed up with the chickens scratching dirt into the water feeder so thought I'd give this a whirl. It looks impressive but can be awkward to handle until you get to know its foibles. The chickens still make a mess but now its mostly food debris off their beaks therefore need washed out regularly   (08/07/2013) Derek Golding - Glengarnock

  Loving it  I love this drinker. Its much higher off of the ground and stays cleaner than our standard one, and holds enough water to provide for our growing flock even on a hot day. We have large fowl, bantams and growers and all can use it and seem to like it. The mechanism is great and so simple, buy it!   (16/01/2013) Erika - Yorkshire

  Super  Easy to put together,well made.Chickens love it   (09/03/2012) Beryl - Hereford

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