How to make a nest box for your chickens

It’s quite easy to make a simple to nest box for your chickens.

This one can be used on the floor or hung from the wall.

We find that around nests 10″ wide is suitable for most laying hens.  For large hens the dimensions can be changed.  This example gives nest boxes approx. 11 1/2″ wide

We use this basic nest in our large chicken house and run

Where we show you how to build a simple, plywood nest box for your chickens.   You'll need some 9mm plywood and some 12 square timber - 1" timber is normally  finished to around 20mm.  The top and bottom of the nest box are made from 36x12" peices of plywood. There are 4 vertical dividers made from 12x12" plywood. along the front of the nest box is a strip of ply, 36x2 3/4" to contain the bedding.  There is one of these front and rear. We suggest screwing it all together with 25mmx3.5 screws.
A simple plywood nest box for your chickens