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POULTRY SUPPLIES | Red Mite, Louse and Scaly Leg Treatments | Smite Organic Mite & Louse Powder 5 kg bucket

smite organic mite and louse powder is an econmical way to control pests on your chickens.

Smite Mite Powder for chickens 5 KG

Ref: 3116

Smite Mite Powder 5 KG

From 1st September Smite powder will change to comply with new regulations. Details of how this will affect you can be found in our recent blog articlesmite powder and new regulations

Smite Organic Powder is an organic, naturally-mined, mineral product made up of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. When crushed to a fine powder it feels similar to chalk powder to the touch, but when viewed under a microscope the fine particles resemble shards of broken glass! It is this ‘broken glass’ effect which is deadly to any insect, but harmless to animals, fish, fowl, food and humans.

Did you know diatom can also be sprayed or painted to the inside of your chicken coop? Simply mix diatom with water and a drop of washing up liquid so keep it in suspension then use a spray or brush to apply it to the walls. For the ultimate red mite treatment mix in some Smite liquid at the same time. The smite liquid will kill the mites on contact and as the water dries it will leave a fine film of diatomaceous earth on the surface

Price: 18.32 Ex. VAT /21.98 Incl. VAT

normally despatched within 1-3 days

This item can be shipped UK and Europe

Add a 1.5 litre Pressure Sprayer for £8.58 inc VAT1.5 Litre Hand Held Pressure Spray
Add a 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer £13.98 inc VAT5 litre Pressure spray

Customer Reviews for:

Smite Mite Powder for chickens 5 KG

10 out of 10
based on7 ratings. 7 user reviews.

  Good item  I have not seen any mites since using the powder each time the house is cleaned out - once a week.  (16/05/2016) -

  red mites bite the dust  This product is very effective. We had a very bad infestations of mites in the past but since using the dust we are mite free. Your oderering and delivery service are very efficient too.   (22/12/2015) shan baker - uxbridge

  Super Smite  Having used this for two years, I find that the appearance of mites are virtually zero now. My chickens love this in their dust bath and I use it in their bedding which helps keep the coops clear of mites too.   (07/07/2015) Lorraine - East Anglia

  Very effective  We used red mite control powder in combinatoir with hot water pressure cleaning, Halamid and liquid red mite control. After 14 days some of the red mite have returned though all the grey mite have gone. Will keep repeating the procedure but am very glad the massive outbreak we had is under control.   (23/08/2014) - The Netherlands

  Smite Mite Powder 5kg  Really useful product, I add it to my hens' feed, their dust bath and puff it around the straw in the nest box of their Eglu. My hens have never had red mite, worms or other nasties :)   (18/08/2014) Joanna - Witney

  work a treat  Would've given top marks but the lid is so hard to remove its broken my nails and hurt my hands. We dust the hens and the nest area as well as the house and their dust bath. Works really fast. Eggs are fine too.   (23/05/2014) sally - ashford

  Very good and user friendly product  We're getting on really well with this. We had terrible problems with mite infestation and you get such a big tub of this for your money that I am mixing handfuls into the bedding so there's no area of the coop that is unprotected. Kind to your skin too.   (05/09/2013) -

POULTRY SUPPLIES | Red Mite, Louse and Scaly Leg Treatments | Smite Organic Mite & Louse Powder 5 kg bucket