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POULTRY SUPPLIES | Infrared Heating Lamps and Bulbs

Which Heat Lamp to Choose?

The standard heat lamp is ideal for a few weeks use for whelping a litter of puppies, to rear a hatch of chicks or to keep an old or sick pet warm.

For a heat lamp that is going to be used in a commercial setting such a kennels we recommend the more substantial Pro Lamps
The standard heat lamp and Small Pro Lamps are suitable for use with a light emitting bulb.

The Large Pro Heat Lamps can be used with Ceramic Dull Emitter Bulbs or light emitting bulbs as can the Heat Lamp Components if you wish to make your own lamp.

All the pre assembled heat lamps are available with a 50% reduction switch.

All heat lamps and bulbs are "buy 10 get the cheapest free"

POULTRY SUPPLIES | Infrared Heating Lamps and Bulbs