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The VSBbi automatic door opner from AXT opens according to light.

VSBbi Automatic Door Opener

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VSBbi automatic chicken house door opener

We no longer stock the VSB range of door openers as we have switched to a UK built model from Chicken Guard.

The Chicken Guard range of door openers consists of 3 models:
The closest to the VSBb is the AST standard which operates according to a timer.
The AST Premium is equivalentto a VSBb plus a timer although contained in 1 unit and at a better price. The door opener with timer has always our most popular choice as it allows you to open according to a time to protect from predators and then close according to light level.
The AST Extreme has the same functions as the ASTi Premium but has been designed to cope with more extreme temperatures and has a higher lifting capacity. We recommend this as our "export" model.

All three units have manual push button for open and close which can be used to override the automatic functions.

VSB bi / VSBbi Automatic Door Opener

  • Easy to Fit - supplied with full instructions and installation diagrams
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Free Telephone support
  • This unit will open at dawn and shut at night fall as the VSBb but with a remote light sensor so the unit can be positioned inside the chicken house. It has a lifting capacity of 3 kg and 60 cm, or if used with a pulley 6 kg and 30 cm. With a lightweight door such as our hen door battery life can be up to 4 years.

    Fitting instructions and diagrams here....

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    Price: 90.83 Ex. VAT /109.00 Incl. VAT

    Customer Reviews for:

    VSBbi Automatic Door Opener

    10 out of 10
    based on87 ratings. 87 user reviews.

      Totally relaxed  We can now relax knowing that our chucks are safely tucked up for the night. Unfortunately, installing the VSb automatic door opener inside the henhouse in the middle of a heatwave was a trial. The end result was worth the pain.\n  (31/07/2013) Mrs Clark - Haverfordwest

      Life Changing!  Money well spent! Easy to fit\n  (30/07/2013) Gillian Smith - St Helens

      Great Product  We received this door in a timely fashion and we live in America. We purchased the VSBbi a few weeks before a our vacation and it worked spectacularly. Now if I could only find a good watering system we would be set. Love my girls (and guy) but it's nice not being tied to them at specific times.\n  (27/07/2013) Bill - Cape May, New Jersey USA

      Well engineered product  I bought the unit with light sensor, easy to install, good instructions. If necessary to use pulleys, make sure you have enough of a gap between unit and first pulley to prevent knots having to run over it. Have not had to adjust light sensor, my chickens got used to it very quickly, spot on. \n  (24/07/2013) Neil - Berkshire

      My research paid off  Following review of coop door openers, I decided to purchase the VSBi from Wells Poultry. As an engineer I was impressed with the clever and simple design of this unit. Circuit board, related components and workmanship are of highest quality. Excellent product and service.\n  (23/07/2013) H. Keramaty - Massachusetts, USA

      Nice product. Performs as described  The unit I have has the light sensor. It works very well. It lifts my 3/4 inch 1 foot square plywood door no problem. moves very slow, but I see that as a plus. \n\n  (09/07/2013) Robert - Ma. USA

      Very good  having chickens is great but we didn't want to have to get up every morning at 6am to let them out - also we didn't want to have to rely on someone to let them out when we were on holiday. arrived quickly, simple to install and adjust, works first time. \n  (19/06/2013) BooBoo - Crowthorne, berks, UK

      VSbi automatic door opener  Brilliant - the girls are safe at night, but not waiting for me to get up to let them out these light mornings. Win -win situation!\n  (14/06/2013) Anne Death - Barnsley


      Easy to fit and works extremely well  I am pleased with it and the hens love being able to get out early in the morning.\n  (23/04/2013) Tony - Kent

      Excellent  The quality of our eggs increased considerably since chickens can get out to pasture. The mechanism is quiet, slow and safe. When opening, motor stops when the knot in the cord reaches the unit. When closes, it stops when the cord is loose. You don't have to make any adjustments.\n  (13/04/2013) Francisco - Madrid, Spain

      Well worth every penny!  This was a great purchase. Makes looking after the hens so much easier as they can get themselves up and put themselves to bed, and I don't have to worry about getting up early or being back home by a certain time to cloe the hen house. Straightforward to fit.\n  (11/04/2013) H Sharrock - Clevedon

       Very Good  Timer used for opening - sensor for closing. During recent bad snow would have liked option of override button so that door stays shut. Not a 2 sec job to re-programme or remove internal wires.Used cover for PIR but horrendous wind removed and so door opened. Otherwise it's excellent\n  (11/04/2013) Naden - Buxton

      Great idea  Fitted fairly easily, and works well.\n  (09/04/2013) -

      It's great  Easy and quick to install (for hubbie) and works well. Hens delighted not to have to wait for us to get up in the morning. Now just need another for their food....\n  (04/02/2013) Mary - Scottish Highlands