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POULTRY SUPPLIES | Poultry / Chicken Feeders | Treadle Operated Poultry Feeders

Treadle Chicken Feeders help reduce vermin problems and reduces food waste

They use a simple mechanical treadle operated when the chicken stands on it to open a flap allowing access to the chicken feed inside the chicken feeder. They are designed not to be operated by small animals such as wild birds, mice and rats - unless they are very fat rats! If you have an existing vermin prpblem we recommend you tackle this with some of our vermin control products.

To train your birds to use it simply weigh the treadle down for a few days allowing free access to the feed. Once they are happliy feeding from it the weight can be removed.

Both our 10kg and 20kg treadle feeders require no tools to assemble them.

We also offer our own unique anti waste grill that fits these feeders and the 10 and 20 kg imported feeders also on the market. This stops the chickens scooping the feed out of the feeder and onto the floor. It requires 2 holes to be drilled in the feeder to attach it.

These feeders are weather proof so suitable for use outside

Buy a treadle feeder now and stop wasting money feeding pests

POULTRY SUPPLIES | Poultry / Chicken Feeders | Treadle Operated Poultry Feeders