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POULTRY SUPPLIES | Poultry / Chicken Drinkers

Which Chicken Drinker to choose

An average size adult chicken will need to drink up to 500ml (1/2 litre) of water everyday depending on the temperature. Water should be constantly available whilst the chickens are active during the day.

Once they go in to roost your chickens don't need access to a drinker.

Your chickens drinker will need to be large enough that the hens can't knock it over. We'd suggest you use a drinker at least 1/2 gallon / 2 1/2 litres. Using a hanging drinker also helps prevent this.

We have plastic drinkers from 0.6 litre ideally suited to chicks through to the 30 litre plastic tripod drinker. Although the plastic tripod drinkers have handles, in practise it's easier to take the water to the drinker than carry a full drinker around.

Our galvanised chicken drinkers are made in the UK, start at 1/2 gallon and go up to 3 gallons.

We have automatic trough drinkers designed to connect to mains water and hanging automatic chicken drinkers that are connected to a low pressure supply such as a water butt or header tank.

POULTRY SUPPLIES | Poultry / Chicken Drinkers