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Plastic poultry feeders up to 5 kg

Which is the best chicken feeder?

These chicken feeders are the most popular selection for small flocks kept in the back garden.
The small chicken feeders, below 2.5kg, such as the 1.5 kg chick feeder are really only suitable for raising chicks as they aren't stable enough to stay upright when adult birds knock into them. A 2.5kg chicken feeder is large enough to last 3 hens up to a week. Wherever possible raise the chicken feeder off the ground. It will stop litter from the floor getting knocked into the chicken feeder and reduces the chickens ability to simply empty the chicken feed onto the floor. You can achieve this by using a feeder with legs or a hanging chicken feeder or even placing the chicken feeder on a couple of bricks will be effective. Most of these chicken feeders also have an anti-waste grid to reduce the amount of food that is thrown on the floor. Don't mix poultry corn and you normal chicken feed as the hens will empty the chicken feeder searching for the tasty corn !

When it's time to clean your chicken feeders we suggest using our Eton Appliance Cleaner as it's been formulated to deal with the muck and gunge you'll find develops on chicken feeders.