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Mixed Hen Grit - 2.5 KG bag

Mixed Hen Grit - 2.5 KG bag

Ref: 1282

Mixed Hen Grit. 2 forms of poultry grit mixed in the correct proportions.
1: insoluble hard grit which has a grinding action in the gizzard enabling the bird to digest food properly.

2: Soluble soft calcium grit which dissolves into the birds system making it healthy and ensuring strong egg shells.

All chicken feed / grit etc. under 20 kg is repackaged from large bags.

Price: 2.80

normally despatched within 1-3 days

This item can be shipped UK only

Customer Reviews for:

Mixed Hen Grit - 2.5 KG bag

10 out of 10
based on16 ratings. 16 user reviews.

    Good product, good company to order from.\n  (21/12/2015) -

  2.5Kg Mixed Hen Grit  My girls love this grit each time I put some out they get their beaks right in there! Good mix of grit and at a size they can eat\n  (07/07/2015) Steve Mortimer - Nottinghamshire

  Five-feather approval from the Flock  A repeat purchase because the product, the price, the communication, the delivery and the all-round excellent customer service could not be bettered. Always a pleasure to purchase from Green Valley Chicken House and will be back for more soon. Thank you for being there for me and the Flock.\n  (06/01/2015) E Corsie - Orkney

  Hen grit  As always excellent product and fast delivery\n  (01/04/2014) Ann - Camberley

  Highly recommended  Good quality grit, well sized and fair mix. Packaging is most suitable and delivery is very fast. \n  (14/01/2014) Mrs E Corsie - Orkney

  Good  Bought this with oyster shell, and have since seen it sold elsewhere cheaper, seems good quality grit\n  (01/01/2014) Lynda - Rufford, Newark

  A good mix  A good mix although some of the pieces do seem a little large to me. Good value\n  (01/10/2012) -

    cannot imagine ever finishing this enormous sack of grit with only two hens! They like it.\n  (04/07/2012) - dorset

  Large Quail, bantams & chicknes.  A splendid mix of varying sizes and content. Not suitable for small birds like my Chinese Painted Quails but medium to large birds are well suited. Use fine chick grit for CPQs\n  (22/11/2011) Ken Pykett - Alfreton

  good  chickens love it\n  (12/11/2011) brenda - worcester

  Nice Product  good n cheap and perfect size - and seems to have done the trick!\n  (28/10/2011) -

  Mixed Hen Grit - 2.5 KG bag  Good quality grit. Good size and speedy delivery\n  (12/09/2011) -

  Mixed Poultry Grit 2.5k Bag  I havnt had a chance to use this item yet ,but i was pleased with the size and quality of the piece. Delivery was really fast and the price wont sting your pocket either. \n  (12/05/2011) Bettina Young - Stanle, County Durham

  Mixed Poultry Grit 2.5 KG Bag  I was really pleased to see good sized pieces in this mix. A much better quality than I have been able to buy locally in pet stores. \n  (10/02/2011) J G - Bristol

    Mix this with Oyster Shell and the girls are thriving.\nOnly have 4 Young Bantams but are getting an egg a day. Delivery was superb. Price excellent. \n  (26/01/2011) E Davies - East Yorkshire