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POULTRY SUPPLIES | Red Mite, Louse and Scaly Leg Treatments | Harkamectin (ivermectin)Drops

Harkamectin (ivermectin)Drops

Harkamectin (ivermectin)Drops

Ref: 186

Harka-Mectin (ivermectin drops) 5ml

Harkamectin is currently out of stock but we do have alternatives as 0.1% ivermectin drops and 1% ivermectin drops

Ivermectin is a popular treatment of lice,mites and internal parasites in cage and aviary birds. It has also been used successfully on larger birds.

Whilst we are aware that many people use ivermectin on chickens, we are unable to offer any advise as to do so would be in breach of the vetinary medicines laws. Because chickens are a farm animal you should only use licenced products, or products that you have been advised to use by your vet. In the UK ivermectin isn't licenced for chickens although it is for sheep and cattle as well as being used to treat humans.

Harka-Mectin / ivermectin is a spot on treatment for internal and external
parasites of cage/aviary birds and homing, racing pigeons OVER 100 GRAMS
Dosage Instruction
Cage/aviary birds: 1 drop (100ug Ivermectin) per bird onto the skin,
under the feathers between the shoulders.
Pigeons: 2 Drops (200ug Ivermectin) per bird onto the skin, between
the shoulders. Use before the start of the racing season.

This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the Small Animal Exemption Scheme which covers small domestic pets not intended for food use.

Price: 8.25 Ex. VAT /9.90 Incl. VAT

normally despatched within 1-3 days

This item can be shipped UK and Europe

Customer Reviews for:

Harkamectin (ivermectin)Drops

10 out of 10
based on49 ratings. 49 user reviews.

  Does the job.  There are a number of one drop ectoparasite drugs but this works.\n  (27/01/2014) Ian Swingland - can'terbury

  Good product  We now have happy hens again. Came quickly, no problems with this transaction. \n  (13/12/2013) -

    I received a very good service, thank you and the medicine worked.\n  (22/11/2013) -

  Fantastic  Used for scaly leg, i re-homed 2 hens with it 1 was very bad. It was incredible how quickly it cleared up. \n  (13/11/2013) -

  Fast Delivery Excellent Service  Very pleased with the fast service and delivery, will use your company again.\nMany thanks\n  (10/11/2013) Janet - Essex

  No more poultry lice...  Used Ivermectin on my non-laying hens as one was heavily infested with poultry lice (she was elderly & not bothering to dust bathe). I used 6 drops on each of my large fowl & 4 drops on my hybrid, as she's much lighter. Used in conjunction with diatom (just the diatom on my layers)to great effect.\n  (25/10/2013) -

  Parasite-free birds! Brilliant!  Our avian vet prescribes ivermectin for our hens, and this is the same stuff. Really sick cockerel and we applied it and all the mites fell off within minutes. The whole towel he was on was black! Horrible! He is fine now. Great stuff!\n  (26/09/2013) Rachel Clive - North Yorkshire

  Great product  Had badly infested hens who had stoppedl laying treated with this product and now have very happy healthy hens who have all started to lay again.\n  (05/09/2013) -

  Fab  Took on a hen that could hardly walk due to scaly leg. 1 week after using this I have a very happy hen. Have used it on other hens that had mites I couldn't previously shift and they are now mite free. Fabulous product!\n  (05/09/2013) Helen - N. Lincolnshire

  This product works  apply a few drops back of neck,repeat two weeks later.(do not eat eggs for 5 days after application).Your chickens should be content and free from pests for up to 3 months! As easy as doing the cat and dog!(different product though!)\n  (15/05/2013) Andrea - Nottingham

  Harkamectin (ivermectin drops)  We have used this effectively for both scaly leg and lice, especially towards the end of winter when dust baths are hard to achieve outdoors. It works well, so we don't need to repeat dose the birds.\n  (24/04/2013) David Evans - Devon

  Brilliant product  This product worked a treat to get rid of a lice infestation among my hens.As usual Wells Poultry were efficient in their deilivery time, I recommend this company and this product\n  (18/04/2013) A Walters - Devon

  Useful addition to my chicken pharmacy  I use this on my lot every 6 months and alternate with flubenvet pellets. So far so good. Easy to apply (do it at night with a helper and a head torch!)\n  (18/04/2013) -

  Excellent!  Just what we needed for our caged birds\n  (19/03/2013) -

  great website  order was quickly and safely delivered\n  (14/02/2013) -

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POULTRY SUPPLIES | Red Mite, Louse and Scaly Leg Treatments | Harkamectin (ivermectin)Drops