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60w Dull Emitter Ceramic Heat Lamp Bulbs for animals

60w Dull Emitter  Ceramic Heat Lamp Bulb

60w Dull Emitter Ceramic Heat Lamp Bulb

Ref: 19

60w Dull Emitter Heat Lamp Bulb.

These dull emitters emit only heat and no light. We recommend these are not used in compact lamps such as our standard heat lamp or small pro lamps as unlike infrared bulbs they have no reflector built in. The large pro lamp or the indivual heat lamp components are suitable.

Occasionally, these lamps may not work with fittings bought elsewhere (all our products should be compatible). This can normally be remedied by bending the centre contact outwards.

Price: 11.25 Ex. VAT /13.50 Incl. VAT

normally despatched within 1-3 days

This item can be shipped UK and Europe

Customer Reviews for:

60w Dull Emitter Ceramic Heat Lamp Bulb

10 out of 10
based on5 ratings. 5 user reviews.

  Works well. good price.  My two garden hens are very appreciative of the lamp - it gives no light, so they can sleep, but 60watts is enough to keep them warm in their small coop - especially in the cold snap we had in March - they love it!  (14/05/2016) Alan Bartlam - Aberdeenshire

  Very good.  My daughter's tortoise is very happy with this. Much better than the heat/light lamps intended for vivariums.   (18/08/2014) - Cheshire

    My chicks love the lamp. They spend a lot of time eating or galloping round their little shed, but when they are full and tired, they cuddle together under the lamp and croodle to each other. Very happy chicks.   (19/04/2010) -

  Chicks can sleep and stay warm  With this bulb the chicks time clock does not get messed up as they would with a normal bulb. They stay warm and kept in dark.   (30/12/2009) -

  A great buy  This lamp helped rear my chicks without any worries at all.   (30/12/2009) - Northumberland