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POULTRY SUPPLIES | Poultry / Chicken Feeders | Plastic poultry feeders up to 5 kg | 2.5 KG Delux Plastic Outdoor Water Proof Chicken Feeders

The 2.5 kg plastic chicken feeder features a green plastic base and snap in legs.

2.5 kg Deluxe Plastic Outdoor Water Proof Poultry Feeder with legs

Ref: 1530

2.5 Kg outdoor water proof chicken feeder in tough plastic


Features an:
  • anti waste grill to prevent waste
  • a rain shield to keep the food dry
  • includes legs to raise the feed from the ground

  • This has rapidily become our best selling small feeder as it's the ideal size for a small back garden flock. Large enough to to be knocked over by clumsy hens but not too large as to overpower the run. if you have 4 hens this chciken feeder should hold enough food for 4-5 days. The antiwaste grill prevents the hens flicking food out of the feeder and onto the floor. To reduce waste further the legs lift the feeder off the ground by 3" / 75mm. This feeder is available as a 2.5 kg feeder without rain shield in you don't need it.Made in the UK

    Price: 9.45 Ex. VAT /11.34 Incl. VAT

    normally despatched within 1-3 days

    This item can be shipped UK and Europe

    Customer Reviews for:

    2.5 kg Deluxe Plastic Outdoor Water Proof Poultry Feeder with legs

    9 out of 10
    based on36 ratings. 36 user reviews.

      Very good tough feeder  We bought this for its rain hat.\nIn all but horizontally driving rain it does a brilliant job of keeping the feed dry.\nIt has a great capacity and is made of really tough plastic, which good quality.\nI would highly recommend this as a well priced and effective rain repelling feeder.\n  (05/07/2016) -

      Good value, sturdy and well made  This is the second feeder like this that I've bought. Ideal for leaving out in the elements, sturdy and good size for our six chickens!\n  (16/05/2016) -

      Very stable, good design, good price.  The lid snaps on very securely (chickens can't knock it off)and the feet hold the feeder in a stable position. The hens can get to the food easily, but can't scratch any out of the feeder onto the floor. Very good, well-made product. \n  (22/01/2016) Hannah - Birmingham

      Weatherproof feeder  This is a great advance on the previous feeders I have used. It keeps feed well contained off the floor and dry and with 3 chickens only needs re filling every 5-6 days. The feet do fall off occasionally if you lift it up but easily replaced. Good buy!\n  (21/12/2015) Hamza - Somerset

      Excellent feeder  This is a great feeder lot less waste than with some of the others perfect height for the hens .😊\n  (21/12/2015) Violet TOSH - Perthshire

      OK apart from the legs  okay apart from the legs which refuse to stay in place even with the addition of epoxy glue. Why can't the manufacturer see that a simple thread at the end of the leg would make the article stable, not unstable as it is currently manufactured.\n  (08/11/2015) H Syddall - Clitheroe
    Our Reply: The legs are normally fine although they are a tight fit to stop them falling out. If they don't stay in you haven't pressed them in hard enough.

      Great !  I used to waste so much feed, but now with this fantastic feeder the problem has been solved. My four girls and one boy used to flick their feed out of my old feeder but with this Deluxe feeder they can't, not only that its got a rain hat so the feed is always kept dry, its a great buy!!!\n  (29/09/2015) Dee - Hampshire

      Perfect  Reasonably priced yet better than anything else I've tried. No waste - food stays clean and dry. My free-range ladies and gentleman pop back regularly throughout the day for their food then I pop the whole feeder into a plastic dustbin at night so I don't encourage rats to help themselves. \n  (28/09/2015) Jane - Powys

      Really really excellent  We have silkies and two bigger mixed breed chickens. The silkies are terrible for messing up their water and food, making lots of waste. With the legs on i can honestly say the food is mud free and the pouring rain hasn't got to the food either. Perfect. Thank you so much\n  (28/09/2015) -

      Great value, but not totally squirrel proof!!  Excellent chicken feeder and arrived well packaged and quickly. However, we have very persistent squirrels and they have nibbled the little compartments away. Still, an excellent feeder though and would definitely us this company again.\n  (07/07/2015) -

        Value for money cheaper than buying locally all though waited 10 days to arrive\n  (07/07/2015) Nigel saunders - Basingstoke

      Poultry feeder  Arrived quickly, well packed, sturdy product.\n  (20/05/2015) Peter - Wellington

      Excellent purchase  I am delighted with the feeder. \nVery easy to assemble and no more pellets everywhere when the girls feed!\n  (20/04/2015) Jenny - Harlow

      Nice, robust product  Easy to fill and keeps pellets nice and dry. Wish I'd got one sooner!\n  (06/01/2015) -

      very good  Arrived quickly, nice and strong looking, legs a little fiddle to put on, very pleased though\n  (13/10/2014) Dorothy - Bristol

    POULTRY SUPPLIES | Poultry / Chicken Feeders | Plastic poultry feeders up to 5 kg | 2.5 KG Delux Plastic Outdoor Water Proof Chicken Feeders