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How to select a suitable feeder.

You should allow 100-120g of feed per day for each hen. Bantams will need slightly less, large breeds more. Cockerels tend to eat much more than hens. But unfortunately, this doesn't mean that you can use a small feeder with fully grown hens, they'll simply knock it over. We suggest starting with at least a 2.5kg feeder. Leave the smaller feeders for when you're raising chicks or have a bird in isolation.
As a rough guide you need to allow 3-4 cm circumference around the feeder for each hen (this also works out to 1 cm diameter of the feeder allows for one chicken)

Our Budget range of chicken feeders is great as a starting point. They last well but some do have a tendency to crack if you drop them in cold weather.

Our quality plastic chicken feeders are much more robust and should give several years services but like all plastic items left outside the sun will eventually make them brittle and more prone to cracking.

Our galvanised chicken feeders are the most robust option. they're likely to last for many years.

We also have a range of treadle chicken feeders which prevent vermin and wild birds eating your chicken's feed.

According to Defra's requirement:

All systems must be equipped in such a way
that all laying hens have:
(a) either linear feeders providing at least
10cm per hen or circular feeders providing at
least 4cm per hen; and
(b) either continuous drinking troughs
providing 2.5 cm per hen or circular drinking
troughs providing 1cm per hen,