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Smite Poultry red mite control for chicken coops - 5 litre concentrate

Smite Poultry red mite control for chicken coops - 5 litre concentrate

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Smite 5 litre Red mite control

5 Litre Smite Red Mite Treatment

CONTROLLING RED MITE INFESTATION Getting the upper hand with a severe Red Mite infestation requires persistence and attention to detail, and it may involve using more than one approach. Any control programme needs to pay attention to the following:

1. Operator hygiene and suitable protective clothing to prevent the spread of mite between sites.

2. Sealing up of as many joints and crevices as possible, to reduce the number of areas which harbour mite

3. Efficient disposal of mite-infested litter and debris, to prevent re-infestation

4. Study the Red Mite life cycle – repeat treatment needs to be undertaken within seven days to maximise the effect and ‘catch’ the largest possible number of mite.

5. Constant vigilance and prompt treatment of any hotspots.

6. Use of a poultry tonic or vitamin supplement to help the birds recover and increase their resistance to re-infection.


If using dosing pump supplied, use 2 x 30ml shots per litre of water (6% solution), or dilute 1 part SMITE with 15-25 parts water (6.66% - 4% solution). Apply as suggested to the housing and equipment, using knapsack or hand sprayer. Use suitable protective clothing.

1: Before depopulation of the unit, initially spray liberally with 6% solution of SMITE to equipment and nesting areas. This reduces the number of mite initially and gives a more comfortable environment for the workforce. SMITE is not licensed to be sprayed on the birds, but it is safe to spray the housing with the birds in situ and any overspray will not cause a problem.

2: Remove all equipment from the unit, including any plastic slats, as these can harbour mite in the joints.

3: The housing unit and equipment should then be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to a clinical standard, using a 6% solution of SMITE. Take care to remove all litter and manure from every area, thus removing as many mites as possible. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices, perches and joints.

4: When the new crop of birds has been introduced and the unit temperature has stabilised, spray with a 6% solution of SMITE, as any remaining mites will now suddenly become very active, especially if the unit has been empty for some time

5: Spray the whole housing unit again with a 6% solution 7 days later. In ideal conditions, Red Mite have a reproduction cycle of 7 days and this will treat any eggs which have hatched since the initial spraying. In severe infestations, the treatment should be repeated every 7-10 days until the infestation is under control.

6: For continued control, routine spraying with a 3% solution of SMITE (1 x 30ml pump dose per litre of water) should be done every 4-6 weeks, without fail, even if mites are not visible.
Smite Red Mite Treatment is also available as 1 litre smite red mite control or as a handy 750 ml ready to use mite spray. There is also a mite control powder

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Smite Poultry red mite control for chicken coops - 5 litre concentrate
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  Smite Poultry red mite control - 5 litre concentra  Good value and easy to use and it works quickly.    -

  Excellent service and value  I was delighted with the value of the items that I ordered and the very prompt delivery. I couldn't ask for more.   Duncan Webster - Pitlochry

    Easy to use and non-toxic to the chickens. It is an excellent cleaning product too.    -

  brillant  Have been using this for years, reliable and good value.    -

  itch free hens  have used this in a block built stable with wooden nest boxes, perches, wooden ceiling and doors etc for around 15 months and am just coming to the end of my 1st bottle - find it a very good cleaner for breaking down hen poo, and used alongside diatom powder have had no mite / insect problems   Nigel - Neath

  A really effective product, recommended to all.  I bought this product after our coop was infected by red mite. It was fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone. After spraying the coop first time it worked really well. I repeated treatment every few days for a week and now the mite is almost non existent! A great product, highly recommended.   Nicola Shortman - Lincolnshire

    great service allround not used it yet but I would not have purchased it if I did not think it would work   m healey - kent

  Excellent  This product is very effective if used exactly as advised. It is easy to mix and easy to apply. I won't use anything else.   Kathy Grant - Norfolk

  Excellent Product  Very easy to mix, good info on product. I mix up 5lts in a napscak srayer. and spray around the inside and ourside of my hen hut and let it dry our before putting in new bedding. Once per mth. I use red mite power in nest boxes in the bedding this alows the hen to dust bath.   Ken - Lincolnshire

  Good product and great service  This is a particularly sweet smelling product. Easy to apply and good value.   Brenda - Suffolk

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