My VSB's stopped working

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The door won't close

The most common reason for the VSBb to not close is that the cord has become snagged and wound the wrong direction onto the spindle. The cord should be passing up the back of the motor spindle and then over the top.

This can happen for several reasons:
The cord becoming loose on the spindle which can happen of weight of the door is door is not hanging on the cord when the motor is opening it. most commonly chicken or human assistance but often seen when people "test" the unit without having the door fitted.
A dirty cord can stick to itself.
A damp cord that is subjected to frost.

The VSB has an overload system that protects the motor but if the unit is left in the jammed position for any length of time it will quickly flatten the batteries as it tries to operate.

The quickest way to repair this is to cut the cord as near to the knot as possible. Take note of how the cord passes through the unit. The unit will wind the cord in for a few seconds and then feed it back out again. Gently pull on the cord until it has wound out full and starts to wind back in. You may need to place the loop over the grub screw on the spindle if it falls off. Keep gentle tension on the cord so it winds tightly on the spindle.

Before the cord has full rewound remove one battery to stop the unit. Re thread the cord and tie a large knot to form a loop on the end. Replace the battery. The cord will lower for a few seconds whilst the unit establishes that it is daylight and then reverse and wind in the remaining cord.

Other causes:

If the knot is pulled tight it may pass through the white lever failing to turn the motor off and only stopping when the door jams against the motor box. This happens more often with a very heavy door or one that has come up against an obstruction. Remove one battery. Unwind enough cord from the motor spindle and re thread and tie a new loop.

The door has physically stuck at the top. This can happen if the house distorts due to weather or movement. You'll see that the centre slide (looks like a big paper clip) is held to the right by the spring. This is the position it should be in when the door has come to rest or reached an obstruction. This mechanism senses when the cord has gone slack. If you gently move it to the left a little the motor will start.

VSBbi with a remote sensor:
If the sensor has failed it may stop the door shutting. Remove the sensor to see if it shuts.
VSBbi mounted inside the chicken house which has been fitted with an electric light. Check the light sensor (R2) on the circuit board is covered.

The door won't open

The most common cause is that the switch that turns off the motor has stuck in the door open position.

This is controlled by the white lever at the bottom left hand corner of the unit.
Faults can be:
Spring dislodged
lever stuck on the pivot
Physical damaged to the switch.
Dirty cord / dirt build up around hole in white lever.

This can also happen if the wiring to the timer is damaged and short circuited.

Short battery life

If the door stops in the open position against an obstruction rather than activating the upper limit switch the batteries will only last for about 3 weeks.

When fitting the unit it is easier to attach the door to the vsb and then mount the vsb ensuring there is suffient clearance before fitting the batteries

By Simon Wells