Space requirements for Chickens

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At least one nest for every seven hens.
If group nests are used, there must be at least 1m2 of nest space for a maximum of 120 hens;
perches, without sharp edges and providing at least 15 cm per hen.
Perches must not be mounted above the litter and the horizontal distance between perches must be at least 30 cm and the horizontal distance between the perch and the wall must be at
least 20 cm; and at least 250 cm2 of littered area per hen, the litter occupying at least one third of the ground surface.

Only perches at 30cm centres or more apart should be calculated as part of the perching
space, although more perches may be provided adjacent to one another to make a perforated
floor. Perforated floors can be considered as perching space when they have perches incorporated within the floor structure or attached on top of the floor surface.